The Pakistan America Peace Through Music Project

July 28, 2010
Pakistan America Peace Through Music Project

The Pakistan America Peace Through Music Project
A Musical Journey to Peace, Freedom and Understanding
(A Collaboration of The Sonic Peace Makers and SHINE HUMANITY)

Pakistan America Peace Through Music Project


Mention Pakistan today and what comes to the minds of most Americans is terrorism, poverty, and hopelessness. That’s all they see in the news. But Pakistan also has one of the world’s most diverse and rich cultures, equaled only by its spectacular natural beauty as home to part of Kashmir, the Khyber Pass and high mountain peaks like K2. Once upon a time in the not so distant past, Texan gun enthusiasts brought their prized antique revolvers to Peshawar’s gun smiths to make copies, actor Robert DeNiro posed for pictures with restaurant owners while vacationing in Chitral, and Mick Jagger tested his dance skills with Lahore’s most well-known Mujra dancers. And many of Pakistan’s greatest musicians and singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan regularly collaborated with their counterparts in Europe and America such as Peter Gabriel and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.

Danial Hyatt Continues What Rohail Hyatt Started

We all know about the legend Rohail Hyatt for the services he has provided to the music industry of Pakistan since the times of Vital Signs. The Vital Signs which gave us one of the best patriotic songs of the world, Dil Dil Pakistan (ranked 3rd in BBC Top ten list) and Rohail Hyatt which gave us Coke Studio, another reason to be proud of Pakistan. The son, Danial Hyatt continues what Rohail had started. We had seen Danial Hyatt doing the animations and visuals for Coke Studio but this is the first time the music by Danial is coming out and that too for Pakistan. Slackistan is a film by Hammad Khan & Shandana Ayub to  revive the image of Pakistan. The film will be featuring tracks by Mole, Kominas, Adil Omar and Uzair Jaswal. OST of the movie is going to be “Pink Moving Objects” by Mole, a band by Danial Hyatt, Faizan Riedinger, Amman Mushtaq and Habib. The track is amazing and goes to one of my all time favorite tracks. I am trying to get the track for you folks really soon. read more

The changing face of patriotic music

August 16, 2009

Instep takes a look at how Pakistani patriotic music has evolved through the decades – from optimistic anthems celebrating the country to songs tinged with cynicism. The important thing is that the rhythms live on and continue to make strong statements …

By Saba Imtiaz

“D-d-d-dil dil dil…” That opening verse of the now iconic ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ by Vital Signs brings out a world of memories: one of the first patriotic songs of the ’80s-’90s pop movement in Pakistan, it has been associated with everything from national elections to political milestones to most memorably, cricketing wins.

Coke Studio Episode 5 “Unity” – Will They Be Performing A Patriotic Song?

July 20, 2009

We have heard from some underground source, who has got contacts at Coke Studio, that artists would be performing an old patriotic song. Most probably the song would be “Dil Dil Pakistan” as that was composed by Rohail Hayatt himself for Vital Signs in late 80s. The song became sort of national anthem of Pakistan for years. I speculate that Rohail Hayatt, the producer of Coke Studio, would be doing “Dil Dil Pakistan” for its last episode which would be airing on 14th August, the national day of our country.


Mizraable – Dil Dil Pakistan

March 27, 2009

Mizraable (Miserable) is the band which was formed soon after Mizraab covered Dil Dil Pakistan of Vital Signs. The purpose of Mizraable is to tell Mizraab that Dil Dil Pakistan is a classic and Mizraab shouldn’t screw with it because when it does it sounds like shit

Mizraable – Dil Dil Pakistan (Mizraab Parody)

This is the link to Mizraab version of the song: Mizraab – Dil Dil Pakistan and The Vital Signs one: Vital Signs – Dil Dil Pakistan