Devika Chawla & Zohaib Kazi – Naraaz Mausam (Download Audio)

January 31, 2012

Devika Chawla & Zohaib Kazi – Naraaz Mausam (Download Audio)

Artists: Devika Chawla & Zohaib Kazi

Song: Naraaz Mausam

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Written and Produced by Zohaib Kazi
Vocals: Devika

Sony Music India presents ‘Lounge Nirvana’. A 2 CD compilation featuring Zohaib Kazi’s latest South Asian Lounge single ‘Naraaz Mausam’ with Devika Chawla. The album also features the likes of AR Rahman, Rahul Sharma, Khuda Kay Liye (Rohail Hyatt) and many more.

Take a listen to the song below:

Devika Chawla & Zohaib Kazi – Bijuri (Music Video)

‘Bijrui’ by Devika & Zohaib

Audio Mastering: Bilal Iftikhar
Directors of Photography: Nick Myggen (for Devika’s footage/San Fransisco) & Bilal Khan (for Zohaib’s footage/Karachi)
Video Editing: Bilal Habib
Music Composition: Traditional – derived from Rag Miyan Ki Malhaar (Hindustani Classical Music)
Lyrics: Traditional
Vocals: Devika
Music Production: Zohaib Kazi

Devika, Kaavish, Nida Arab, Mauj & Sketches to Hit Pakistani Markets in January 2010 Announces Dr Yezdani

December 27, 2009


Two more albums have been scheduled for January 2010. Devika Chawla will come out on 2nd of January while sketches are making their debut on 29th of January.


COO, Fire Records, Dr. Akbar Yezdani, has finally announced release dates for albums of Mauj (Now in Technicolor), Kaavish (Gunkali) and Nida Arab.

All the albums will come out with gap of one week between each other. Kaavish, being first in the queue, will hit Pakistani markets on 8th of January ’10. Nida Arab on 15th of January and Mauj’s debut will come out on 22nd of January.

Dr Yezdani also mentioned that the videos are also ready and the long delays weren’t really their fault. He states

Just pray that nothing drastic happens. We have been trying to do this for over a year now but each time there are either explosions, some political issue like elections, long march and what not. This time we are determined. Their videos are ready and hope all goes well. Do buy their CDs and support music

He also mentioned few upcoming releases which will include Sohail Salamat, Call, Annie & Noman Javaid.

Good luck Fire! We all hope that the albums actually come out in January. I personally have been desperately waiting for the release of Mona’s video and Gunkali. read more

Devika Chawla is Back with “Saari Raat” (Album Review)

November 19, 2009

Devika Chawla

After the hit “Kehnde de Naina” in 2007, Devika Chawla is back with her second album, “Saari Raat” by Saregama India Ltd. The album is officially released on 17th November, and brings together renowned artists and musicians from India and Pakistan. The contemporary Sufi album comprises eight tracks reflecting truly delightful and soulful music.  Shahi Hasan, (Ex member of Vital signs), has again come up with his flamboyant production skills and ostentatious work. Devika has been working with Bohemia, a Pakistani born Punjabi rapper and producer from California, and a pioneer of Punjabi rap. The album title song “Barkha Bahar” is the most soothing and fanatical track, with a romantic and melancholic music in the background. It is the most beautiful track with a nice mellow start, making it sublime. Devika is a very talented singer with superior classical training, and has delivered awe-inspiring vocals in this song.  Shahi Hasan, apart from composing and producing the album, has written lyrics for the album too. No doubt, “Barkha Bahar” is a tremendously captivating track with super vocals and a beguiling bass. “Saari Raat” is another soft and romantic song from the album, which captures core typical disposition. “Unka Khayal” is again a very light, pliable and dreamy song from the album. “Andheri Lagan” depicts a complaining tone, and encompasses a different music tinge.