Hadiqa Kiani To Collaborate With Dawud Wharnsby

August 23, 2011

Hadiqa Kiani has collaborated with the extremely talented Canadian singer-songwriter Dawud Wharnsby to record a Hamd. Dawud is best known for his pioneering efforts in the musical/poetic genre of English Language nasheed.

According to Hadiqa, the Hamd will be releasing in a few days to celebrate the spirit of the Holy month of Ramadan.

It is interesting to note that this is the second time Dawud Wharnsby has collaborated with a Pakistani musician, the first one being with Atif Aslam in the year 2009 for the reworked version of Hum Mustafavi Hain which was originally sung by Mehdi Zaheer.

We are looking forward to this interesting collaboration.

Dawud Wharnsby Ali – Musings of a nomad artiste

Dawood AliI walked into a recording studio in Karachi recently to find Dawud Wharnsby Ali (formerly known as David Howard Wharnsby), one of the pioneers in the genre of English nausheed on a global level (along with the likes of Yousuf Islam, Zain Bhikha and the more recently popular, Sami Yousuf) in the vocal booth recording his vocals for a local project in which he was actually singing in Urdu. Repeatedly tutored by the music producer there on the nuances of pronunciation, Dawud would eventually get the song right.