SYMT Shares Their Coke Studio Experience [Interview]

The Lahore-based pop rock band, SYMT, who performed their first Coke Studio session this year, shared their experience and the magical moments they had, while making their songs with the house band of Coke Studio. The band has a total of two performances this season.

How do you feel about your performance on Coke Studio? What kind of reaction are you getting from the audience?

We did the best we could. It was a pretty comfortable environment and Haroon decided to Improvise a bit and I decided to do backing vocals along with Zoe and Rachel which turned out pretty good. Hassan played some really nice sounding arpeggios adding a great flavor to the song.

Qayaas Share Their Coke Studio Experience [Interview]

Qayaas, hands-down the best performers of the first episode of Coke Studio Season 5, talk about their first ever experience of performing on a stage where creativity is at its peak. Their single, “Charkha Nolakha” (performed with Atif Aslam) has been released last week. Here, we talk to them about their feelings on performing in CS for the first time.

How do you feel about your performance on Coke Studio. What kind of reaction are you expecting from the audience?

It was an amazing experience at Coke Studio. They manage everything really well and in terms of both audio and video have state of the art equipment. Our performance at Coke Studio went very smoothly. We were very happy with the end result and are confident that it is going to sound great. In terms of the audience, we are expecting them to enjoy the music as much as we did while recording it at Coke Studio.