Karavan Reunion: Band Performs Together After 2 Years

November 18, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

The news of re-union of Karavan band which was in the air for quite some time now has finally materialized as the band recently performed together at a concert in Karachi after a gap of almost 2 years.

The band rose to fame with their single ‘Aagey Hi Aagey’ but their last notable performance was on Coke Studio season 3. Since then, all the band members were busy pursuing their solo career and it put an end to the band which lasted in the industry for about at least a decade.

Karavan to Reunite With a New Single? [Update]

July 12, 2012

So finally there is good news for the hard rock music lovers as critically acclaimed band “Karavan” announces their comeback.

For those who don’t know, they are the music veterans of the industry. Karavan hails from Karachi and have got some huge hits to their credit. They rose to fame with their single “Aagey hi Aagey”. The band consists of some wonderfully talented people who are masters of their respective departments. Meanwhile their guitarist, Asad Ahmed is also a permanent member of the house band of Coke Studio since its inception.

The Evolution of Coke Studio Pakistan

July 2, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

Coke Studio is one of the biggest musical phenomenon of the past decade and five years on, it is still successfully running and much appreciated by a wide audience all across the globe. It all started in 2008 when Rohail Hyatt of Vital Signs fame came up with his brain child and an idea that instantly clicked. Although the first season was quite a big hit and introduced a new dimension to the local music scene, but many people were still not really aware of this project and it took some time for them to digest it.

10th Lux Style Awards 2011, Music Winners

September 18, 2011

This year’s Lux Style Awards were held last night at the Expo Center in Karachi. Besides television and fashion, there were some music categories too. This year some musicians even ventured into acting like Fawad Afzal Khan of EP who was nominated for the drama serial Dastaan, in which he played the character of Hassan, but did not win.

Guitarist, composer and music producer Shallum Xavier and singer Zara Madani won the Singer of the Year award for their song ‘Payam‘. Director Bilal Lashari won the Best Music Video Director award for EP’s music video Shor Macha.

Other music categories included the award for the Best Artist that went to pop/rock band Mauj

Karavan announce that they have officially ended

July 25, 2011

Karavan, Asad Ahmed, Alan Smith, Sameer Ahmed and Tanseer Daar, are calling it quits after 15 years of performing.

(Read: Karavan Reunion: Band Performs Together After 2 Years)

The band which was formed in 1997 by former Awaz lead guitarist Asad Ahmed with the help of his friend, bassist Sameer Ahmed is no more. Karavan has been a successful rock band in Pakistan. They have released four full length albums to date, the latest, Saara Jahan, which was well received by their fans. The band also became a part of Coke Studio‘s season 3 in which they performed their two hit songs from the last album.

A few minutes ago, Asad Ahmed posted a statement on the band’s facebook page saying that the band has officially ended.

Coke Studio Welcomes Kailash Kher and Call the band?

March 18, 2011

The Pakistani phenomenon, Coke Studio welcomes the Pakistani rock band Call and another Indian musician, Kailash Kher who is a household name in India, having successfully fused Indian folk music with pop. We have come to know this from two very reliable sources from inside the studio.

Produced by Rohail Hyatt, the show will feature both the band and the sufi musician as a part of the fourth season of Coke Studio. Kailash Kher will be the second Indian musician to be featured in this highly successful Pakistani TV show after Rabbi Shergill. This proves that artistes, regardless of their nationality, are for the people and by the people, and of the people.

Sanam Marvi to Perform at World Music Festival 2011

February 28, 2011

Although the lady was always a Sufi sensation and one of the finest vocalist for her age, she only became popular after her outstanding performances in the last season of Coke Studio. Trained under her father Fakir Ghulam Rasool, she has been deeply involved in reading Sufi poetry because of the messages of love and peace found in them, which is how she perceives music.

The diva will be performing at the world music festival tomorrow at Dubai. The event will feature musicians from around the world including Kamal Musallam (Dubai), Wust El Balad (Egypt), Janet Kapuya (Uruguay), Amit Chatterjee Alliance (United States), The Afif Bros.featuring. Mounir Troudi (Lebanon), HFT (India), Mashrou’ Leila (Lebanon), Mouna Amarcha (Morocco), Spongecola (The Philippines), Black Gandhi (Spain) and Miyah of Desert Heat.

Rethink Coke Studio

September 10, 2010
Coke Studio

By Hani Arif

Coke studio season 3

Coke StudioWhat was the first thought that came to your mind when you read the first line? Trying to get into to your brains I can know one thing, if you are Pakistani then most probably you’ve labeled it as a flop and waste of time. After analysis of the #cokestudio topic on twitter one can see that for Indian listeners it still is very much happening for them (and these are the people which Pakistanis themselves believe are more knowledgeable in music). It is a realized fact that bands, solo artists and shows have to constantly evolve to keep listener-ship/viewership intact and add new ones, a fact mostly not understood by the Pakistani audience.

Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer Praises Coke Studio

August 4, 2010
Salman Taseer Praises Coke Studio

So, Coke Studio has finally ended and there has been a lot of criticism about the content produced in the third season of it. In my opinion, a lot of that is because of the experimentation that has been put into this season. This height of experimentation has resulted in mixed responses by the audiences unlike the last season where almost everyone appreciated and praised the performances. However, this season has grabbed attention of some high profile fans, including Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer, who praised Coke Studio by tweeting last week:

“Coke Studio is the greatest ambassador of moderate Pakistan. I watch it in my free time especially ‘Jugni’ (by) Arif Lohar and Meesha. Great music.”

Salman Taseer Praises Coke Studio

Coke Studio Season 3 journey hasn’t ended yet, they said:

Lyrics of Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 5 Realisation

August 1, 2010

Download All Audios and Videos of Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 5 ‘Realisation’

01. Tina SaniNawai Ney [ Download Audio | Download Video ]

Sunn kay ney kehti hai apni daastaan
Listen to the reed flute

Dard-e-hijran say hui hai noha-khwan
How it tells a tale complaining of separation

Kaat kar laye ney-sitaan say yahaan
Saying, “Ever since I was separated from the reed bed

Mard-o-zann meri nawa say khoonch-kaan
my lament has caused man and woman to moan

Jo bhi apni asal say hoga judaa
I want a bosom torn by severance