The Launch of AK Lounge (Pictures)

Annie Khalid presents ‘AK Lounge’ – sheesha, food and fun!

Annie Khalid, after establishing her mark in the music industry, launched her own café in Lahore on the evening of 4th June 2011.

The AK Lounge inauguration, which was attended by many notable music and media personalities, proved that the star has many plans to make her venture stand out amongst the other hip eating out places in Pakistan.

Annie Khalid Walks the Ramp for Ammar Belal

Our fashionista, Annie Khalid, the pop princess of Pakistan, who established her mark in the competitive industry with her songs, charity work and various modelling assignments, walked the runway again last week.

Annie loves to dress up and experiment with her looks. She has an eye for style and therefore, was selected to open and close the show for Ammar Belal at the Lahore Fashion Week on 1st April 2011.

Annie Khalid has also been appointed as the face of Ammar Belal’s new jeans campaign. Ammar Belal started out his career as a fashion designer in 2003. Today the Ammar Belal label boasts many awards and prides itself on being a recognized luxury brand from Pakistan.

Ammar Belal’s conceptual collection at the fashion week exhibited the African Safari collection that carried a high fashion statement for audience and was the treat for wild prints lovers.

Pakistani Musicians Taking the Indie Route

October 16, 2010

A lot of artists this year chose to release their music independently. While this could be an option for the lot which can pay for the production, distribution, marketing and lawyers, this can’t even be a consideration for most other musicians.

Earlier this year, we highlighted some interesting facts about how digital music has been the cause of no physical sales in Pakistan. Bottomline: like CDs killed cassettes, MP3s put an end to era of CDs. That said, American market could still sustain itself with launch of iTunes in 2003 which could let people buy less-tangible-mp3s too. With no model of online sales in Pakistan, the indie releases have to be carried out the traditional way with physical distribution of CDs. This ultimately results costing a lot more money than most indie artists in Pakistan can afford.

Annie Khalid Launches Her UK Debut Single (Pictures)

British Pakistani music artist, Annie Khalid, held a press conference on Thursday, October 14, 2010 at the Pakistan High Commission in London.

Annie, who has already made it big in the Pakistani music scene, announced the launch of her pop career in the UK with the single “Be My Baby” mixed by the award winning DJ, Judge Jules, who was also present at the conference.

The music video of the song is

Annie Khalid Appointed As Goodwill Ambassador For The International Red Cross

September 24, 2010

British Pakistani music artist, Annie Khalid, was appointed to be the Goodwill Ambassador for the International Red Cross on September 23rd, 2010.

She has been supporting and contributing in various activities to raise funds for the victims of the floods in Pakistan. Annie Khalid, who has already made it big in the Pakistani music scene, is now launching her pop career in the UK with the single “Be My Baby” mixed by DJ Judge Jules, and a music video directed and produced by

All the proceeds from this UK debut single would be donated to the flood victims in Pakistan.

“It’s the worst disaster that has hit Pakistan andbeing a Pakistani it’s my duty to give whatever I can, so through this song I am doing that.” She said.

Annie was recently in Norway where she raised money with the Red Cross for the flood victims in Pakistan.