Annie Khalid Performs At The Launch Of MMA Airlines UAE

PR – Our pop princess, Annie Khalid, who has been busy with her concerts visited Dubai to perform at the launch ceremony of The MMA Airlines UAE on 23rd March 2012.

Annie who has already established her mark in the Pakistan music industry is now venturing into the international market with her various collaborations and campaigns. “I am a global artist and I would like to reach out to my fans outside Pakistan as well,” said Annie when asked about her international collaborations.

Annie Khalid Collaborating With A1

October 13, 2011

Our princess of pop after her UK debut single last year, now has collaborated with a famous British – Norwegian boy band “A1” for a single “Just 3 words.”

Annie started her music career in late 2005 and after successfully establishing her mark in Pakistan’s very competitive music industry she released her English single, “Be My Baby” mixed by DJ Judge Jules in 2010.

A1, had their first breakthrough in The UK in 1999 with a collection of hit singles taken from their debut album.