Nescafe Basement Season 2 Episode 1 (Review)

Nescafe Basement Season 2

Nescafe Basement Season 2

Last week, the much awaited second season of Nescafe Basement finally came out and was released simultaneously on various TV channels and online as well. The timing of the basement is said to be very crucial as it coincides with another already running and highly anticipated music show.

Supervised under the brilliance of the maestro Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi, Nescafe Basement first came up last summer with some mixed reviews from the audiences. But it was mainly the concert tours later on that made this music show much more familiar in the masses.

Tere Ishq Mein – NESCAFÉ Basement II (Episode #1)

NESCAFÉ Basement 2

NESCAFÉ Basement astounds us with another round of enthusiasm, inspiration and talent. The fresh, vibrant artists of season II have been meticulously chosen and are the future crème de la crème of the music industry. Once again, the artists create a splendid orchestration which will leave you wanting more. NESCAFÉ Basement is a start, for these young artists. You can experience their journey here as they make their way through the crowds.

Positive – Alif Allah, Meem Mohammad, Aen Ali (Download Audio)

Positive – Alif Allah, Meem Mohammad, Aen Ali (Download Audio)

Band: Positive

Song: Alif Allah, Meem Mohammad, Aen Ali

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Alif Allah, a Sufi Kalam by Bulleh Shah, is from Positive’s upcoming album. The track has already been taken by Mobilink Jazz for their Ramadan TV commercial.


Alif Allah Meem Mohammad Aein Ali Keh Jana,
Baqi sab annr binnr unnr bunrr kya?
Aey Maula rehm da meenh wasavey,
baqi sab kanr kinrr kunrr kunrr kya?
aey Bullehya yaar da mela howay,
deenh uho, baqi jumo chanchar chun chun kia?

Mohammed Ali Shyhaki & Rasika Shekar – Allah Allah Kar Bhaiya (Video Stills)

August 1, 2011

The legendary musician, Mohammed Ali Shyhaki, is all-set to collaborate with an Indian female singer Rasika Shekar for the revamped version of his old Pop/Folk Fusion song ‘Allah Allah Kar Bhayya’ which was originally recorded with folk singer Allan Fakir. The video of the song has been shot in New York City. In the meantime, check out some exclusive stills from the video below:

A New Generation of Rock

By Zeerak Ahmed

The rise of Bilal Khan, the Aunty Disco Project & Uth records has signaled the coming of a new generation of rock music from Pakistan’s renewed underground scene. After the rise of Noori and eP, along with Indus Music, the VJ generation and a post Junoon revelation, it seems that generation of rockers will take a new place in Pakistan’s rock industry.

The energetic rock anthems have since become somewhat hollow, and as Pakistan’s politics and society have hit new rock bottoms, rock has had to find new issues, new emotions to deal with. It seems the big guns have had to deal with social issues, and bringing audiences back together. Strings, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar and then Noori to some degree have tried to mature their pop acts into deeper, more relevant offerings.

Some may say however, that this generation did not live up to its promise. Despite the phenomenal rise of 2003’s musicians, many have released only a handful of songs, let alone albums. Atif has been an exception

A Band Called ‘The Sketches’ (Interview)

September 21, 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

Tell a bit about your background – your education and childhood.

Saif: I was born in an educated family. Up to secondary education I did all, what a kid can do but onward I felt myself a little bit reserved since childhood then and always attracted towards nature. I was an average student. I did my graduation in English literature and masters in business administration.

Naeem: Born in a simple but educated family. Since childhood my family especially father supported me a lot. I was an average student and was closer to nature. I studied fine arts (sculpture) and learnt guitar too.

10th Death Anniversary of Allan Faqir

July 4, 2010

Remembering Allan Fakir

Allan Fakir (1932–2000) (Sindhi: اَلڻُ فقيرُ, Urdu: الن فقیر), a Pakistani folk singer is a one of the foremost exponents of sufi music in Pakistan. He is particularly known for his ecstatic style of performance marked with extreme devotional rhetoric and sufi dance singing. His peculiarly funny body language and distinctively pleasing facial expressions marked with a broad smile, were always amusing for his audience at live performances.

It has been 10 years, since the country lost the legendary folk singer Allan Fakir.

Coke Studio pushes the technology envelope as the Worldwide Web resonates with the sessions

June 20, 2009

Bringing on the blitz
Coke Studio pushes the technology envelope as the Worldwide Web resonates with the sessions

Muniba Kamal

The Coke Studio sessions have begun and the impact of Season Two is more far reaching than Season One. After the sessions went on air, the tremors were felt far and wide on the Worldwide Web. The Coke Studio website had to close down for some time the day after the show because of heavy traffic with people trying to view and download songs, wallpapers and other stuff it provides.