Next Time You Sing a Song Publically, Make Sure You Don’t Get Sued by Fire Records

April 6, 2011

There’s something about COO of Fire Records, having to discuss something with him has always been a pleasure. As soon as the discussion ends, we always have a thing or two to write about. Unfortunately, we haven’t talked in a while which is why you probably didn’t see a Fire Records post in so long.

Last Sunday, we sat down with one of the Fire Records insider who disclosed shocking stuff about their policies. These policies are probably around for a while but we have only learnt about them now.

Before I write about the real issue, I need you to have some background knowledge about the Fire Records policies we have already talked about. We have whined so much about this that you probably already know that Fire records work on the lump-sum model.

Fire Accomplishes Only 25 Percent of Their Planned Releases For Early 2010

March 25, 2010

By end of December 2009, COO Fire Records shared the planned releases of the label for early 2010 which in total were sixty, nineteen of which were scheduled for the the first four months, details of which were published earlier.

While Fire Records continued releasing the albums weekly in January as planned, they couldn’t keep up the pace for February and March. Therefore, the total albums released were only four. Label did release few other albums including Kazak and Mushk which weren’t listed in shared plans. The label still has a month to cover up the plans to some extent, however if they continue with the weekly releases, even then the total number of releases will only be 50 percent of the total planned releases.

If Fire intends to release 60 albums this year I guess it’s time they realize they are lagging far behind their plans. read more

Dr. Yezdani Explains Why Fire Records Follows The Lump sum Model

January 29, 2010

There has been a lot of discussion for the past year on the business models on which record labels of Pakistan operate. The industry somewhat hasn’t been intact and everyone has different beliefs.

Our recent post about why people don’t buy CDs ignited a whole new discussion. Dr. Akbar Yezdani, COO Fire Records made some points to explain why they can’t afford to have royalty-based business model.

Talking about the lump sum model that Fire Records operate on, he said

Kaavish Delays Again, Till 15th Jan ’10

January 8, 2010

The much awaited album of Kaavish, Gunkali has been delayed once again for another week. The new tentative date has been set as 15th of January ’10. The albums scheduled after Gunkali were subject to delay based on the country’s situation and response on the albums but Devika (2nd Jan) and Kaavish (8th Jan) were planned to be released right on time.

Dr Yezdani said

We are on track for the first two releases Devika on the 2nd and Kaavish on the 8th. Let’s see how things go from there on.

This also means there is going to be a change in schedule for other releases lined up for January including Nida Arab on 15th, Mauj on 22nd and Sketches on 29th.

Devika, Kaavish, Nida Arab, Mauj & Sketches to Hit Pakistani Markets in January 2010 Announces Dr Yezdani

December 27, 2009


Two more albums have been scheduled for January 2010. Devika Chawla will come out on 2nd of January while sketches are making their debut on 29th of January.


COO, Fire Records, Dr. Akbar Yezdani, has finally announced release dates for albums of Mauj (Now in Technicolor), Kaavish (Gunkali) and Nida Arab.

All the albums will come out with gap of one week between each other. Kaavish, being first in the queue, will hit Pakistani markets on 8th of January ’10. Nida Arab on 15th of January and Mauj’s debut will come out on 22nd of January.

Dr Yezdani also mentioned that the videos are also ready and the long delays weren’t really their fault. He states

Just pray that nothing drastic happens. We have been trying to do this for over a year now but each time there are either explosions, some political issue like elections, long march and what not. This time we are determined. Their videos are ready and hope all goes well. Do buy their CDs and support music

He also mentioned few upcoming releases which will include Sohail Salamat, Call, Annie & Noman Javaid.

Good luck Fire! We all hope that the albums actually come out in January. I personally have been desperately waiting for the release of Mona’s video and Gunkali. read more

Fire Claims “Multiple Album Releases” Each Week in 2010

December 22, 2009

Dr Akbar Yezdani, COO Fire Records, has just made an unbelievable claim on our Facebook page stating that almost 60 albums will be released by Fire Records in the year 2010, 19 of which will be released in the first 4 months, schedule of which will be posted soon after the new year. He also stated that they have planned to release over 80 albums in 2011.

He has already shared the schedule for January which includes 3 major releases including Mauj, Kaavish and Nida Arab. The claim sounds unbelievable because year 2009 hasn’t been a very great year for albums and some major artists of the industry have went independent or even free.

According to the claim, 5 albums per month will come out which means more than one album per week. This also means, production of over thousand songs and at least 100 video releases. read more

Why was Aag Alive a Disaster by “Anonymous Musician”

December 18, 2009

This story has been shared by self-proclaimed unknown musician who was at Dubai/Sharjah for Aag Alive and was part of the performers-list but couldn’t perform. He writes in detail what really happened at Aag Alive. This story was shared by him at PakStop.

First hand info from a last hand artist at the show .

We reached in high spirit and how the promos show, to achieve showing of unity. At sound check, we were all pumped because bigness of stage and other works. We were not amongst the super superstars so we were not being paid to do this since it was the part of our album deal but it wasnt the money we were looking for. It was opportunity to just be valuable to share stage with all the greats of industry for a great cause. It was about to happen the next day. A concert never done in the history on Pakistan Aag hai to dikha do and all slogans were in our heart more than on tv. This concert was cancelled twice in Karachi and once in Lahore and finally it was about to happen. Their dream was to become reality, but it rained in Dubai like never before and once it again the show was cancelled/ postponed.
Why was question in everyones minds.

Aag Alive ’09 Scheduled For Dubai

November 15, 2009

Aag Alive, the biggest concert of Pakistan which was supposed to happen on 25th of October is not happening in Pakistan. It will now be happening in Dubai, as reported by the sources close to the news. The tentative date for the event has chosen to be 11th of December. The event has been shifted to Dubai due to continuous security threats in the country.

CEO Fire Records, Dr. Akbar Yezdani also shared the venue on his Facebook profile.

Akbar Yezadni

This has been done for the betterment of the music industry of Pakistan but it’s too sad that the biggest Pakistani concert isn’t even in Pakistan. Huge amount of Pakistanis are going to miss the show now but the good news is that the event will be covered live by Aag, so, we may still get to see it at least.

We have seen a recent development in the story. Ali Azmat updated his Facebook status an hour ago in which he mentioned the venue to be Islamabad.
read more

Is the Internet the future of music in Pakistan?

November 8, 2009

As Overload and Mekaal Hasan Band release their records without the backing of a record label and pull it off without a glitch, Instep takes a look at the burgeoning music scene, record label battles and how the Internet just might be the way out

By Maheen Sabeeh

Throwing out the blame

OverloadInternet. The inescapable term that has become an intrinsic part of our lives. We tweet through our phones; share pictures and at times send pointed (albeit indirect) messages to people on Facebook… and that is just one small example. According to the CIA Fact Book, Pakistan had an estimated 17.5 million internet users in the year 2009. So if music sales are going down at stores, which they very much are, we can guess that fans are downloading and sharing albums online instead.

Aag Alive Press Conference – Instep Today

October 15, 2009

Rock For a Cause

Pakistan’s Woodstock is announced via ribald antics and an enviable camaraderie

Ali Azmat, Shiraz Uppal, Noori, Fuzon, Hadiqa Kiani, Laal, Jal, Call and more will play live at the 12 hour Aag Live show

Hani Taha Salim

One doesn’t expect much from a press conference except for the usual question-and-answer session and perhaps some excitement if someone hurls a shoe at the chief speaker. But just because we didn’t have anyone willing to take the Muntadar al Zaidi route, it doesn’t mean that its not possible to have a music-related press conference that was irreverent at best and insolent at worst.

Aag_FuzonAfter all, we always have Ali Azmat to bank on, and if he doesn’t rise to the occasion (which is rare) then a new and rather reclusive contender, Shallum Xavier. They’re to credit for a highly amusing evening that saw the announcement of a concert in Lahore on October 25. The Aag Live concert will see 22 musical sensations from Pakistan playing for 12 hours straight which would be aired worldwide.