Rushk Contributing Music to the Soundtrack to Downward Dog

Downward Dog

Downward Dog

Downward Dog, one of the two upcoming movies directed by Jami, is currently under the production phase and we have got to know that the project team is working on the soundtrack of the movie these days.

A promising band, Rushk that is making a comeback after a long hiatus is said to be one of those working on the musical score of the movie. The band that consists of Ziyyad Gulzar and Uns Mufti on guitars, Ali Jafri on bass, and Sikandar Mufti on drums is fronted by a female vocalist Tara Mehmood.

Rushk New Line-Up And New Album

Rushk New Line-Up

Sikandar Mufti, a well-known musician and drummer, is these days involved with ‘Rushk‘ that is making a come back after a long hiatus and with a new line-up. Sikandar who plays with a lot of musical acts, was also part of the Coke Studio house band. He also has a long time association with a rock band co-VEN which is also in the studios working on releasing their new album.

Rushk – Darta Hoon (Adhoora) – Jism 2 [Download Audio]

Rushk – Darta Hoon (Adhoora) OST Jism 2 [Download Audio]

Artist: RUShk

Song: Darta Hoon (Adhoora)

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RUShk is a progressive gothic metal band that hails from Karachi. Their song Darta Hoon (Adhoora) is originally from the album “Sawal“, which was released to critical acclaim in Pakistan. The song is now featured in the Bollywood movie, “Jism 2,” which stars porn star Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh.


Vocals by Nazia Zuberi Hassan

Composed by Uns Mufti & Ziyyad Gulzar

Lyrics by Rushk

Music Director: Arko Parvo Mukherjee

Produced by Shahi Hasan