Zeb Bangash – Jaise Mile Ajnabee OST Madras Cafe

Zebunnisa Bangash - Jaise Mile Ajnabee - Madras Cafe

Zeb Bangash – Jaise Mile Ajnabee OST Madras Cafe (Download MP3)

Artist: Zebunnisa Bangash (of Zeb and Haniya)

Song: Jaise Mile Ajnabee

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Here is Zebunnisa Bangash’s Madras Cafe song Jaise Mile Ajnabee, which has been composed by music director Shantanu Moitra and lyrics are by Bilal Sami. The composer previously collaborated with Zeb for The Dewarists song Kya Khayal Hai. Hope you enjoy it! Madras Cafe opens tonight, so do watch it!

Jaise Mile Ajnabee Lyrics:

ta ra ta ta…

Jaise mile ajnabee
Hai meri duaa ki jab hum milein
Tu dekhe mujhe mere dost ik baar yunhi
Jaise mile ajnabee

Hum phir se chale
Tu phir se hanse
Main phir se udu
Paaun nayi ik khushi
Jaise mile ajnabee

Toh kya hua
Gar faasle darmiyan na pad gaye
Iska kya gham
Thaam loon peeche gar main tujhe
Tu mud ke mile phir ek ho hum
ta ra ta ta…
Jaise mile ajnabee

Jaane kyun juda raaste huey
Jaane kab mile hum-tum phir
Sooraj ke saahil se
kirano ki naav mein nikli thi
main dhoondhne, kho gayi
Ab toh milo ajnabee
Ta ra ta ta…
Jaise mile

Zeb and Haniya Receive a Standing Ovation in Abu Dhabi

Zeb and HaniyaZeb and Haniya, Pakistan’s highly acclaimed musical duo, wowed audiences at New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus on April 4, 2013. Their packed performance was a follow-up to their 2011 appearance at NYU Abu Dhabi as part of a prestigious international artists’ colloquium, curated by world-renowned New York-based Performer/Director Anna Deveare Smith and eminent curator Gideon Lester. “It’s a great honor to be invited again by Professor Walter Zev Feldman to perform at such an illustrious university, alongside such amazing artists,” Zeb said.

Zeb and Haniya Performed at Lahore College for Women for a Nobel Cause (Pictures)

Photos Courtesy: Ardentlone Productions

PR – The Pakistani duo, Zeb and Haniya, recently performed at a fundraiser concert at Lahore College for Women, which raised money for impoverished girls to help fund their education in the form of scholarships. Zeb and Haniya believe wholeheartedly in causes such as this as they realize how important it is for women and children to protect their rights and gain proper education for a brighter future.

The Duo performed for the first time in a concert and donated generously for the good will.

‘The Other Half of Tomorrow’ Puts Zeb & Haniya Amongst ‘Most Inspiring Achievers’ in Pakistan

November 18, 2012

The talented duo of Zeb and Haniya might not be in the lime light all the time but they are always up to something exciting and new, showcasing the versatile nature of their artistic minds.

Right now the project which they have become part of is a documentary about the empowerment of women in Pakistan. Zeb and Haniya have been filmed in Lahore, Brooklyn, and Madison, WI this year for “The Other Half of Tomorrow“.

Zeb and Haniya Hang With University of Wisconsin Students (Pictures)

September 17, 2012

Recently, the students of University of Wisconsin orgranised a meet and greet event with Zeb and Haniya for the Indian Grad Student and Pakistani Student Associations, where they were given a chance to get up, close and personal with the melodious duo. There was lots of chatting, QnA and some great music! Here a some of the photos from the event, courtesy of Center Stage.

Zeb and Haniya rock Madison World Music Festival – 14 September (Pictures)

Zeb and Haniya performed live at the Madison World Music Festival on Friday September 14th at the Memorial Union Terrace on the UW-Madison campus in Wisconsin as part of their ongoing US tour.

In the words of the band: “Here are some pics from our show last night at the historic Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, WI. This is hands down the most beautiful venue we have ever played at. The gorgeous lake with the sun setting over it in the backdrop and an audience that really made it special by dancing all the way through the concert, even to very very slow tunes like ‘Kahaan.’ No wonder we were all giddy at the end of the show. Thank you Madison! Loving every minute of being here and looking forward to the St. Willy Fair in a few hours.”