Xulfi (Call) Doing More Indian Music For “Aao Wish Karein”

October 18, 2009

Aao Wish KareinXulfi continues with his Bollywood venture and is giving more music to the Indian film industry. While it’s great to hear Pakistani music playing in Indian movies, it’s bad at the same time if the music loses it’s quality during the course. The name of the movie is “Aao Wish Karein” and is being produced by “Aftab Shivdasani”. The expected release date of the movie is 20th, November 2009, so, the music will be releasing before that. The starcast will be “Amna Sharif” and Aftab Shivdasani”.

Harry Potter and the magical tunes of Pakistani pop!

August 5, 2009

Harry Potter and the magical tunes of Pakistani pop!
With the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the story of the ‘boy who lived’ is still ongoing amidst global fanfare.
Instep spoofs Harry Potter with the local pop music industry…

By Maheen Sabeeh and Saba Imtiaz

Atif Aslam as Harry Potter

Harry Potter has uncontrollable hair and a lightening shaped scar – and is the ‘Chosen One’ – who will defeat the Dark Lord and restore order to the magical world.

Entity Paradigm [eP] is back

March 13, 2009

Entity Paradigm [eP]

I heard a rumor a while back that Ep is back and they played at LUMS in the last night gig during the LUMS Olympiad. I just confirmed the news from my uni guys who are at LUMS at the moment. Fawad Khan was already working on his solo album and Ahmed Ali Butt was taking Rubberband seriously. Seems like they are now planning to play together. Rumor says there are couple of more events lined up but its not confirmed if xulfi would join the band. I would say it would be really cool without xulfi. We have seen xulfi screwing Call up.

Yes we have a video of the performance made by an unknown guy but whoever did, thumbs up for you


The band come back has been confirmed and it has been declared at their official facebook group. Ah im jealoused, lucky lums was the place they chose for the come back. It has been confirmed that Xulfi and Sajjad will not be part of the band. read more