Soch – Alvida (Download Audio)

July 26, 2011

Soch – Alvida (Download Audio)

Band: Soch

Song: AlVida

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Written and Composed by Adnan Dhool

Violin by Javed Saab

Produced by Xulfi at Xth Harmonic

Al-Vida, with Adnan Dhool’s gritty vocals, composition and thought provoking lyrics, complemented with Javaid Saab’s violin and Rabi Ahmed’s rhythms, takes you on a soulful and romantic journey.

The song, produced at “Xth Harmonic” by Xulfi, shows a totally different side of the band. The soft and melodious number is a complete contrast to the revolutionary music the band is known to play. The song is the reflection of Adnan Dhool’s unrequited love.

Their lilting folk melodies, the soft love ballads, their hard rock and pop track

Coke Studio Welcomes Kailash Kher and Call the band?

March 18, 2011

The Pakistani phenomenon, Coke Studio welcomes the Pakistani rock band Call and another Indian musician, Kailash Kher who is a household name in India, having successfully fused Indian folk music with pop. We have come to know this from two very reliable sources from inside the studio.

Produced by Rohail Hyatt, the show will feature both the band and the sufi musician as a part of the fourth season of Coke Studio. Kailash Kher will be the second Indian musician to be featured in this highly successful Pakistani TV show after Rabbi Shergill. This proves that artistes, regardless of their nationality, are for the people and by the people, and of the people.

Call – Dhoom (Album Review)

January 29, 2011

By Mutee ur Rahman (

So after half a decade since their debut and a long 9 years since the revival of quality Popular music in Pakistan, Lahore’s Call are back with the their second album titled “Dhoom”.  The album was reportedly on Fire Records’ list of upcoming albums for a long time and finally sees the daylight at the beginning of 2011.

The distance between “Jilawatan” (Call’s first record) and “Dhoom” serves the band well as they opted to shift gears and swerve considerably away from their original sound. Where “Jilawatan” was a dark and melancholic album, “Dhoom” is an uplifting record. Not surprisingly, the initial reaction from listeners does not go in favor of the band.

“Jilawatan” scored a respectable fan base with hard, riff-based songs and grit filled performances that were perfect for listeners who wanted their Rock to be more “headbangable”.

Call Band visit the Dubai Autism Center

May 18, 2010
Call Band visit Dubai Autism

Make them smile: Call visit the Dubai Autism Centee

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Call Band visit Dubai AutismIt’s refreshing to see our local celebrities doing their fair share of work to show their support for various organizations that are trying to create a change for many people who do not have the privileges or the opportunities that any regular person would dream of having.

One such act of kindness was recently witnessed at the Dubai Autism Center (DAC), where one of our favorite rock bands was present to meet the children and converse with them. Juniad Khan and Xulfi from Call were seen visiting every classroom, and being engrossed in conversations with these beautiful and talented children.