Atomic Chain ft. Xpolymer Dar & Asrar – Super Cold (Audio / Video)

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Artists: Atomic Chain™ ft. Xpolymer Dar and Asrar Hassan Band

Song: Super Cold

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Experimenting as usual and trying something in a different dimension, yet making sure that it shakes the ground below your feet. Music video of Atomic Chain™ performing ‘Super Cold’ featuring Xpolymer Dar and Asrar Hassan Band.

Atomic Chain’s interpretation of one of Glitch Mob’s tracks after Lupe and B.o.B.

Rap Engineers ft Adil Omar – Batain (Download Remix)

Rap Engineers ft Adil Omar – Batain (Download Remix)

Artist: Rap Engineers ft Adil Omar

Song: Batain (Remix)

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Produced by Dj Danny

Official remix to Rap engineers’ track Batain by Adil Omar. Shout out to Talal Qureshi.

Take a listen to the song below:


Chorus [Yaruq x2]:
Batain ye dil ki sari, Batain ye tu na janay,
Dil ki bhi tu na manay,

Verse [Adil Omar]:
Now when I step up in the place its like you motherfuckers wanna brawl,
til I throw a molotov straight into your fuckin jaw
Talkin like you failed rappers runnin this rap shit,
always was a never was, not even a has been,
I cash in these checks and travel countries and continents,
So I can represent, get some love and deposit it,
Word to Xzibit, w

Hip Hop 2011 and the Big Dogs

February 3, 2012

By Ch Nabeel Ahmed

There’s no doubt that only thing that dominated 2011 in Pakistani music scene other than Coke Studio was Pakistani Hip Hop. The slow pace of other genres and consistent discontent from formula hip tracks created a vacuum which was filled by the much needed Hip Hop/Rap videos that came one after the other. The major boost came in May when ‘Conflict Management’ by Rap Engineers, ‘Off the Handle’ by Adil Omar featuring Xzibit and ‘Too Much Pride’ by Lazarus dropped in the same week back to back. Not only the videos went viral on timelines but also took over the TV channels, where ‘Conflict Management’ still stands in Top 5 music videos of AAG and ARY Musik.

The storm didn’t stop there when Osama Com Laude dropped his ‘The Balance’ with Talal Qureshi and Fortitude bringing the Pushto Rap ‘Time Pass’ to the front that officially made its mark with Project BX’s Dewaar in 2010.

Rap Engineers – Batain (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Rap Engineers ft. Yaruq and Zee

Song: Batain

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After the success of ‘CONFLICT MANAGEMENT‘, Rap Engineers released their second track/video “BATAIN”. It’s a laid back, yet powerful track and takes you back in times of ‘Still Dre’ and old school Hip Hop. Rap Engineers justified their name yet again and blended the track by experimenting Yaruq’s western side with a juicy chorus, meanwhile they bring in a new artist ‘Zee’, who ends the track with his strong blues’ notes.