Umer Piracha – Seven Thousand Years (Download Audio)

November 21, 2011

Umer Piracha – Seven Thousand Years (Download Audio)

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Artist: Umer Piracha

Song: Seven Thousand Years

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‘Seven Thousand Years’ takes its title after a quatrain by the 11th century Persian poet Umer Khayyam.

“O my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears
To-day of past Regrets and future Fears
To-morrow?–Why, To-morrow I may be
Myself with Yesterday’s Sev’n Thousand Years.”

Talk with Umer Piracha (Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist)


Sadaf Fayyaz

Q1. Tell us a bit about your background, education and childhood.

Umer: I was raised in Multan in a very traditional family. I grew up in fortunate circumstances,  with a strong yet intimate man as my father, three amazing younger siblings, and my mother and two aunts (who also lived with us) altogether providing thrice the usual intensity of motherly affection afforded to people. This provided a foundation unlike any other.  After O levels, I went to Aitchison College for A levels, learned from the challenges of living in a hostel, and then went to USA to continue my studies. There, I encountered amazing teachers, colleagues, and disciplines, and fell deeply in love with philosophy, film, religious studies, psychology, and music. Now I live and work in Philadelphia, USA.

Umer Piracha – Aeroplane Over The Sea, The Depths (Download Audios)

January 5, 2010

Artist: Umer Piracha


Aeroplane Over the Sea (Cover)

The Depths (Original)

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My name is Umer Piracha, and I was raised in Multan, went to Aitchison in Lahore for A level, and now live in Philadelphia, USA. I am a Singer-Songwriter, Composer and Guitarist, surrounded by many creative souls. Most of my music concerns contemporary consciousness and spirituality. I am working on my first studio album that compiles inspirations and collaborations with other artists