Bilal Khan Releases Debut Album ‘Umeed’ on iTunes

January 22, 2012

Talented pop star, Bilal Khan, has finally released his most awaited debut album “Umeed” on iTunes store. The pop music album consists of 8 track, which includes all his previously released hit tracks.

It is interesting to note that Bilal has already released all the tracks, from his debut album, online for free, and the album doesn’t include any new track that hasn’t been released before.

Umeed is available to download today. Each track costs $0.99 cents, while the whole album cost about $7.92 USD.

The album can be digitally downloaded from here.

Below is the album tracklist:

Bilal Khan Shares the Coke Studio Experience [Exclusive Interview]

1 ) Firstly, we are really glad to see you on board. Were you expecting this?

Thank you. I was never expecting any of this. I was always sort of just doing and hoping. With Coke Studio – I certainly did not expect for it to be this year. I just got a call one evening from a Karachi number and it’s the Assistant Producer of Coke Studio going, “Hey, I’m from Coke Studio, would you be free to take part in our upcoming season?” Initially I figured it was my one of my friends prank calling me. Pretty soon I realized none of my friends could be this smooth.

Bilal Khan – Taaray (Download Audio)

Bilal Khan – Taaray (Download Audio)

Artist: Bilal Khan

Song: Taaray

Download Now!

Info: The song is called “Taaray” and this encapsulates Bilal Khan’s philosophy of the little sense he has made of life so far.


Ye aasman, ye hawa
raat ka alag nishaan

roshni kahin dhali..
agaey hum jahan

na ummeed kisi se
na gila kisi se ..

sub hai sath mai
mujhay nahi kisi cheez ka ..

T t t t Taaray, Saaray laai aonga

kesi ye majboori
q hai kaam zarori

kesi dunya mai gum..

sochain ye purani..
kal tu mai …

apni he dunya mai gum..

na ummeed kisi se
na gila kisi se ..

sub hai sath mai
mujhay nahi kisi cheez ka ..

T t t t Taaray, Saaray laai aonga

T t t t Taaray, Saaray l

Qayaas – Uss Paar (KM Album Review)

April 11, 2011
Qayaas - Uss Paar (Album Cover)

By Hasan Faridi

Qayaas - Uss Paar (Album Cover)Uss Paar” means “The Other Side”. So take a step into Qayaas’s world.

Qayaas are one of Pakistan’s finest rock bands to emerge from the depths.

Their main highlights include creating a punch-in-the-face video for “Tanha”, being included in the Metal Asia Compilation and making various radio and TV appearances. Qayaas have also won the JD Award for the best rock band from Pakistan 2010, hosted by Jack Daniels and the Rolling Stones Magazine in India.

This band is the real shizz.

And it consists of Umair Jaswal on vocals, Khurram Waqar & Sarmad Ghafoor on lead guitars, Shaheryar Ghayas (Sherry) on bass and Fifu on the drums.

Uss Paar by Qayaas, Now Released Online [Preview Album]

April 9, 2011

Pakistan’s first progressive alternative rock band, Qayaas, showcasing 13 original songs in their debut album. Qayaas is also winner of Rolling Stones/Jack Daniels Best Rock Band 2010 from Pakistan. The album was scheduled to release on 16th of April, 2011. For some reason, the album has already made its way to CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and can be bought for $9.99. We have extracted an album preview for you folks. Please buy the album and support music in Pakistan.