Ali Azmat & The Others at Nishtar Hall, Peshawar – 19 March, 2011 (Concert Pictures)

Photos Courtesy: Sarhad Tourism Corp & Tanzeel Khan

The entertainment starved youth of Peshawar were treated to a dose of high quality rock music when Ali Azmat and Zeeshan Parwez performed live at Nishtar Hall on Saturday evening. The event was organised by local youth in collaboration with private sponsors including Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP).

The concert also featured performances by The Others – billed as “Pakistan’s youngest rock band”. One of the band members was Ali Sultan, a ten year old musical prodigy, who received loud applause from the responsive fans when he displayed his drumming talent. While Zoya, the lead singer and guitarist awed the audience with her impressive vocals.

Peshawar-based musician Zeeshan Parwez collaborated with Ali Azmat and mesmerised the frenzied fans with his astounding keyboard and music synthesising abilities. The concert goers got their money

Music Machine and Their Hunt for Artists (Interview)

January 26, 2011

Music Machine is an organization dedicated to the development of the local music Industry. They have arranged some of the best underground acts in past few months with artists like Co-VEN, Malang Party, Poor Rich Boy, TakaTak, Shahzad Hameed, The Others, Odyssey, Bambu Sauce, Arieb Azhar etc and they thrive to hunt for more.

So, we sat down with them and asked them a couple of questions about them and how underground artists could really benefit from Music Machine in getting paid gigs.

What is the Music Machine?

It’s an organization dedicated to the development of the local  music industry. We believe that a thriving local scene is the foundation upon which  any healthy music industry rests, it is this sector of the industry, that we also find  as being the most under-developed in Pakistan.