T20 World Cup 2012 – Pepsi Pakistan

September 17, 2012

People still remember the celebrations three years ago, when the entire city came out to the streets chanting with merriment in glory of the green team and their achievement. The World Cup Imran Khan brought to Pakistan was no longer the only one; Younis Khan led the green team to a magnanimous victory and hence to win another World Cup.

Lay’s Gives Fans a Chance to Watch the T20 World Cup Live, with Ali Zafar

September 17, 2012

Cricket, the sport of the country – where the national team is highly looked up to, and the national team members are treated as super heroes. Regardless of the ups and downs during World Cup’s, T20’s, test matches and other tournaments, the country has always supported the team and the sport.

Keeping in mind the current situation of the economy, the energy crisis, and other problems for the earning man/woman, all is forgotten, whenever a cricket tournament is about to begin. Where everyone is busy looking for the Pakistani flag amongst all the teams registered. Especially now, with the T20 World Cup right around the corner, everyone is up and busy counting the days, getting ready with their face paint, their jerseys and of course a place to watch the matches together with their friends/family.