Soch – Alvida (Download Audio)

July 26, 2011

Soch – Alvida (Download Audio)

Band: Soch

Song: AlVida

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Written and Composed by Adnan Dhool

Violin by Javed Saab

Produced by Xulfi at Xth Harmonic

Al-Vida, with Adnan Dhool’s gritty vocals, composition and thought provoking lyrics, complemented with Javaid Saab’s violin and Rabi Ahmed’s rhythms, takes you on a soulful and romantic journey.

The song, produced at “Xth Harmonic” by Xulfi, shows a totally different side of the band. The soft and melodious number is a complete contrast to the revolutionary music the band is known to play. The song is the reflection of Adnan Dhool’s unrequited love.

Their lilting folk melodies, the soft love ballads, their hard rock and pop track

Silversmoke – Soch

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More Details:Line-up:
Umair Jaswal : (Vocals)
Waqas Naeem : (Lead Guitars)
Fahad Naseer : (Rhythm Guitars)
Waleed Hassan : (Bass Guitars)
Asfendyar Ahmed : (Drums)

Lyrics by Umair Jaswal
Composition by Fahad and Waqas
Mixed And Mastered by Waqas Naeem At WaveLength Studios

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