Shahvar Ali Khan – Filmein Shilmein (Download Audio)

November 15, 2011

Shahvaar Ali Khan – Filmein Shilmein (Download Audio)

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Artist: Shahvar Ali Khan

Song: Filmein Shilmein

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Lyrics, Composition, Vocals: Shahvaar Ali Khan
Sound (India): Sandeep Shirodkar
Arrangement: Joseph

Shahvaar Ali Khan’s song “Filmein Shilmein” featuring as a background score in Rohit Dhawan’s Desi Boyz starring Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh.

Shahvar Ali Khan’s Second Single to be Used as Background Score for ‘Desi Boyz’

November 11, 2011

While the up and coming pop musician Shahvar Ali Khan is getting set to release the video for his debut single No Saazish No Jang, we have just been informed by a reliable source that the pop artist will also be releasing another track for a Bollywood film “Desi Boyz” alongside with his much awaited peace anthem.

Shahvar’s second track “Filmein Shilmein, Gaane Shaane” is a fun number which highlights the kid in all of us. The song will be featured as the background score of John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone’s Desi Boyz directed by Rohit Dhawan. When we asked Shahvar to share details about the song, he was kind enough to not only confirm song’s inclusion but also share more details about this upcoming project.

Musician Celebrities Condemn Salmaan Taseer’s Assassination

January 4, 2011

Pakistan will not be a country ruled by mullahs with a divine mission, said Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the father of the nation. What about Jinnah’s Pakistan? Islam teaches peace and forgiveness not revenge. Islam teaches that God is Al-Ghaffur “The All-Forgiving”, and is the original source of all forgiveness (ghufran غفران). Forgiveness often requires the repentance of those being forgiven. Depending on the type of wrong committed, forgiveness can come either directly from Allah, or from one’s fellow man who received the wrong. In the case of divine forgiveness, the asking for divine forgiveness via repentance is important. In the case of human forgiveness, it is important to both forgive, and to be forgiven. The Qur’an never allows for violent behavior on the part of Muslim believers. The Qur’an makes it clear that, whenever possible, it is better to forgive another than to attack another.

The 56-year-old Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province was killed by one of his elite security force protectors near his Islamabad home in the F6 sector and close to Kohsar market.

It was his stance against the blasphemy laws that apparently led to his killi

Knowing a Little About Shahvar Ali Khan (Interview)

January 20, 2010


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