Up next: Jarar Malik makes a video with Haroon

September 3, 2013
Jarar Malik & Haroon - Burka Avenger

Jarar Malik & Haroon - Burka AvengerEmerged on the local music board after the parody of Faraz Anwar’s version of Dil Dil Pakistan; Jarar grabbed the attention of many by his first original flick with Ufone Uth Records with his song Bewafa. His debut music video Jaag was nominated as Song of the Year in Lux Style awards and his contribution was one of the favorite performances of the producer Farhad Humayun in Pepsi Smash.

And we already know that soon, the fans of the Pakiwood music will be able to watch Jarar Malik and Adil Omar together in a Stoneage sponsored video titled Saza.

Let us break the news egg now!

Shahi Hasan – Folk Fusion (Download Audio)

July 10, 2013
Folk Fusion - Shahi Hasan

Shahi Hasan – Folk Fusion (Download Audio)

Artist: Shahi Hasan

Song: Folk Fusion

Download Now!

A Collage of Pakistani Regional folk Instruments mixed with Middle Eastern Instruments. Produced For TV Ad for Olpers, Engro Foods. Take a listen to the song below:

Folk Fusion – Credits:

Santoor: Manay Khan

Sarangi: Gull Mohammed

Sitar: Waqas Hussain

Flute: Zulkarnain

Rubab: Siddiq Khan

Banjo: Talib

Guitars: Ahsan Bari

Coordination: Ahsan Bari