Shaheryar Mirza – Your Perfect Lies (Download Audio)

November 3, 2011

Shaheryar Mirza – Your Perfect Lies (Download Audio)

Artist: Shaheryar Mirza

Song: Your Perfect Lies

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Produced and Engineered by Sarmad Ghafoor


Take me to your place

Pull me in your shade

Touch me with your smile

A wild hush

A quiet blush

Keep an open mind

Look a certain way

Wear a different mask

When the times comes…

The time comes

Centuries drifting through space

No rhyme of reason

Look to the East

And you’ll find

An army of one

Bringing down walls that su

Shaheryar Mirza ft. Zoe Viccaji – Found My Love (Download Audio)

Shaheryar Mirza & Zoe Viccaji – Found My Love (Download Audio)

Artists: Shaheryar Mirza featuring Zoe Viccaji

Song: Found My Love

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Lyrics, composition, vocals, guitars and harmonica: Shaheryar Mirza

Supporting Vocals: Zoe Viccaji

Drums: Ahad Nayani

Recorded & mixed by Faisal Rafi

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Pakistani Producer Faisal Rafi working with Grammy Award-Winning Musician

December 8, 2010

Faisal Rafi with Pandit Vishwa Mohan BhattFaisal Rafi who is a Recording Producer, Percussionist, Drummer is currently working with an Internationally acclaimed classical musician, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt who has performed in 41 countries of the world and is currently performing in Pakistan. Bhatt who is the creator of the musical instrument Mohan Veena, won a Grammy Award with US guitarist Ry Cooder in 1994 for their album A Meeting by the River.

Faisal has recently recorded a session with Grammy Award winning artiste Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and sub continental legend Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. He said on facebook,

Shaheryar Mirza – Volcano (Download Audio)

November 24, 2010
Shaheryar Mirza - Volcano

Shaheryar Mirza – Volcano (Download Audio)

Artist: Shaheryar Mirza

Song: Volcano

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Lyrics and composition by Shaheryar Mirza. Recorded & Produced by Faisal Rafi.


Shaheryar Mirza – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Aamir ZakiBass, Slide Guitar
Faisal RafiDrums
Jaffer (Kaavish) – Hammond Organ


It plagues the ocean like a Cajun curse
It digs into the ear

Shaheryar Mirza – My Queen of Clay (Download Audio)

September 15, 2010

Shaheryar Mirza – My Queen of Clay (Download Audio)

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Artist: Shaheryar Mirza

Song: My Queen of Clay

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This song is Shaheryar’s way of paying homage to southern rock in these very uncertain times in Pakistan. Music beyond physical borders.


Recorded & Produced by Faisal Rafi.

Shaheryar Mirza – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Khalid KhanBass Guitar
Aamir ZakiLead Guitars
Aahad Nayani – Drums, percussions