5 Minutes with Sara Haider [Interview]

We sat down with Sara Haider who recently performed a session for Ufone Uth Records 2.0 and talked about her work, experience with Ufone Uth Records and possible future endeavors.

Q) How did you begin? How do you define your sound?

A) Definitions! Who needs em!

I began by singing religious songs, which I am supposed to stop calling ‘songs’ and to stop saying that I ‘sing’ them (‘RECITE!’).

..and then, naturally, I started singing the Beatles. My brother, Shaan Haider, is a great guitarist and we used to jam all the time. I think that’s probably why I kind of have a sense of how to work well with instrumentalists without being one myself.

Sara Haider – Tere Saath (Download Audio) [Uth Records]

Sara Haider – Tere Saath (Download Audio) [Uth Records]

Artists: Sara Haider feat. Ali Haider & Imam Hamdani

Song: Main Tere Saath Hoon

Show: Ufone Uth Records 2.0Episode 5

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