Kanwal H Malik – Bin Tere (Download Audio)

Kanwal H Malik – Bin Tere (Download Audio)

Artist: Kanwal H Malik

Song: Bin Tere

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Music / Mixing and Mastering: Goher Mumtaz (GM Studios)
Guitars: Saad Sultan
Lyrics: Bilal / KHM
Arrangements: BILAL

K.H.M is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and a singer by Hobby. Music is her childhood hobby and runs in her blood. Bin Tere is her first single song. This is not a sad love song. It is a song for those who believe in the power of their dreams, who do not give up to any circumstances and who live with the spirit of positive HOPE. Bin Tere is dedicated to all those who live their lives to the fullest and be grateful every day with a smile!

If the response to this song is appropriate, she will utilize her sing

Laut Aey – Saad Sultan ft. Various Artist

SAADDownload Song:
Laut Aey

This song was made for an NGO named ERRA who has been doing developments in the earthquake destroyed areas. They have done amazing development in record time.
Saad Sultan has been in the industry for quite a while now. Has been working as a session guitar player with big names over the years starting from Ali Zafar, Jal, Noori, Shiraz Uppal, Abbas Ali Khan, Khawar Jawad as well as a long list of underground artists.