Hip Hop 2011 and the Big Dogs

February 3, 2012

By Ch Nabeel Ahmed

There’s no doubt that only thing that dominated 2011 in Pakistani music scene other than Coke Studio was Pakistani Hip Hop. The slow pace of other genres and consistent discontent from formula hip tracks created a vacuum which was filled by the much needed Hip Hop/Rap videos that came one after the other. The major boost came in May when ‘Conflict Management’ by Rap Engineers, ‘Off the Handle’ by Adil Omar featuring Xzibit and ‘Too Much Pride’ by Lazarus dropped in the same week back to back. Not only the videos went viral on timelines but also took over the TV channels, where ‘Conflict Management’ still stands in Top 5 music videos of AAG and ARY Musik.

The storm didn’t stop there when Osama Com Laude dropped his ‘The Balance’ with Talal Qureshi and Fortitude bringing the Pushto Rap ‘Time Pass’ to the front that officially made its mark with Project BX’s Dewaar in 2010.

Baber Xia Khan ft Sarmad Ghafoor – Tere Liyay (Download Audio)

Baber Xia Khan ft Sarmad Ghafoor – Tere Liyay (Download Audio)

Artists: Baber Xia Khan (BXK) featuring Sarmad Ghafoor

Song: Teray Liyay

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Lyrics: Muhammad Dar (Xpolymer)

BXK, a solo artist as well as the lead vocalist of Project BX. He is a prominent part of the revolutionized rock scene with his 2 solo songs and a video of his latest song ‘Jalna to paray ga‘ airing on all TV channels in Pakistan. Bringing up new concepts and revealing a technical side to alternative rock.


Sehra mae Ansoo Giray
Taroon ko Asama milay

Kho Chala mae khud mae
Khuda say Raaz howa
Eik howay Shabd mayray
Chup say awaz howa

Teray Liyay……………
Teray Liyay………….
Teray Liyay……………

Orana ko Fiza millay
Dastaan tujhay Khud he likhay

Beh gaya mae jal mae
Jal k agg howa
Bojh raha hai kal mae
Pal jo aj howa

Teray Liyay……………
Teray Liyay………….
Teray Liyay……………

Teray Liyay

Atomic Chain ft. Project BX & Asrar – Justify (Remix)

Atomic Chain ft. Project BX & Asrar – Justify (Download Remix)

Artists: Atomic Chain ft. Project BX & Asrar

Song: Justify (Remix)

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Produced By: Farhan Khan


[Chorus] (BXK)
Har qadam pay zakham,
Be-Reham teri Jalan,
Ye Chiraag bujh na paye,
Ye Aag barhti, jaye,
Har qadam pay zakham,
Be-Reham teri JALAN,

[Verse 1] (Flaym)
I’m the right right of every right soul..
who’s strivin for a right fight and to reach his f**kin’ goal
I’ll be the f**kin bright light just so you can see the road..
We marchin’ through the night, and we gonna rest no more..

Cause we had enough, and we dead enough, and we spent enough f**kin time behind these cuffs!
Now it’s time we charge, and it’s time we come, you motherf**kers g

Project BX – Justify (Download Audio)

February 26, 2011

Project BX – Justify (Download Audio)

Artist: Project BX

Song: Justify

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Info:A global online source clearly affirms, “With U.S. assistance – in the largest covert operation in history – Pakistan armed and supplied anti-Soviet fighters in Afghanistan, eventually defeating the Soviets, who withdrew in 1988.”

Words are superlative but most complicated things to monkey around with. Such statements containing duality have been an American ‘so-called’ diplomatic strength. Lately on the killing of two Pakistanis by Raymond Davis, US President Barrack Obama had to coldly/warmly say this, “We’re concerned about the loss of life. You know, we’re not callous about that. But there’s a broader principle at stake that I think we have to uphold.”

John Kerry on his re

Project BX – Dewaar (Download Audio)

Project BX – Dewaar (Download Audio)

Band: Project BX

Song: Dewaar

Download Now!

Genre: Alternative Hip Hop
Punjabi Rap
Pashto Rap

Song Background:

Dewaar is a replication of what lies inside us, against the fake masks of our society. Its an agressive tune with perfect blend of strong vocals, meaningful poetry in punjabi and pashto rap, for the first time ever. Its a paybak to all those obstacles that have been keeping these three individua