Up next: Jarar Malik makes a video with Haroon

September 3, 2013
Jarar Malik & Haroon - Burka Avenger

Jarar Malik & Haroon - Burka AvengerEmerged on the local music board after the parody of Faraz Anwar’s version of Dil Dil Pakistan; Jarar grabbed the attention of many by his first original flick with Ufone Uth Records with his song Bewafa. His debut music video Jaag was nominated as Song of the Year in Lux Style awards and his contribution was one of the favorite performances of the producer Farhad Humayun in Pepsi Smash.

And we already know that soon, the fans of the Pakiwood music will be able to watch Jarar Malik and Adil Omar together in a Stoneage sponsored video titled Saza.

Let us break the news egg now!

Strings New Album Is In The Works!

June 21, 2013
Strings Is Working On A Brand New Album

Strings New Album Is In The Works!Strings are once again back and grooving in the studios. The exciting news for the band’s fans is that Strings new album is in the works right now and it will be released soon.

Strings are regarded as one of the pioneers of pop industry of Pakistan. They have come a long way through after their debut in early 90’s. Their last album was released in 2008 titled as ‘Koi Aanay Wala Hai’ with the title track of the same name featuring John Abraham in the video. After that they have been busy doing a lot of individual projects and releasing singles every now and then. Recently they also appeared on Pepsi Smash and sang 2 songs for the show.

Sajni by Strings – Pepsi Smash (Download MP3 / Video)

[ Download Audio ]

Artist: Strings

Song: Sajni

Music Produced by Sheraz Siddiq and Faisal Baig

Directed & Produced by Farhad Humayun!

Pepsi Smash Session 12 – Sajni by STRINGS. Good things come to those who live for now! Waiting has never made sense. So here it is. There’s no better way to end Pepsi Smash than with an outstanding number by STRINGS! Enjoy.

To download Sajni by Strings:

Gumby Leaves Noori (Again)

June 9, 2013
Gumby Leaves Noori

Gumby Leaves NooriGumby, the renowned musician and drummer of Pakistan, has once again parted his ways with Noori thus ending his long time association with the band. There were rumours about the band once again falling apart and now Louis John Pinto a.k.a Gumby has officially declared it through his official Facebook page that he is no more with the band.

“I would like to inform everyone, especially the fans of noori that I am yet once again no longer with the band. I know a lot of you have been messaging me and posting on the page about is to why I’m not performing live or doing commercial campaigns with the band.”

Hussain Ali Shah – Ye Raat – Pepsi Smash (Download MP3 / Video)

[ Download Audio ]

Artist: Hussain Ali Shah

Song: Ye Raat

Music Produced by Sheraz Siddiq and Faisal Baig

Directed & Produced by Farhad Humayun!

Pepsi Smash Session 11 – Ye Raat by Hussain Ali Shah. He’s got everything that it takes to be a rockstar and the session’s got everything it needs for it to be a SMASHING HIT!

To download Ye Raat: