Omer Nadeem Launches His Own Studio (Pictures)

July 11, 2013

By Ahmad Uzair

Omer Nadeem StudioThe talented young musician from Lahore, Omer Nadeem has recently launched his own studio which will add him to the list of those singers and musicians who own a studio of their own. This will apparently be self-titled as Omer Nadeem Studio and the place where his upcoming musical stuff will be created.

Omer Nadeem, who started his career as a musician with JAL and Roxen, is now an established singer himself. He has some very good tunes to his credits apart from couple of Bollywood projects also under his belt.

Recently he updated his fans about this new development when he disclosed on his Facebook page that he has come up with a studio of his own. With that he also released few pictures of the inside of this new studio that is going to be his creative home from now on.

Omer Nadeem – Kin Raaston Pe (KM Single Review)

September 2, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

Just like every field of life, luck and fortune plays an equally important part in music arena too. At times, the music or for that matter the singer too, might not be that talented but it’s just the luck and your fate which takes you to simply another level. It’s sort of a you-miss-I-hit thing. These cases might be little and be called as exceptions but the opposite ones are pretty common.

The ‘Atif Aslam’ Genre

February 4, 2012

By Sid

The song begins. You hear the guitar, followed by an overused drum loop. Suddenly before you know it there’s the “alaap” which an incredibly pained singer croons, his voice woefully telling the tale of sorrow and gloom. And before the song even gets into its second minute you hear yourself say “Is that Atif Aslam?”. And thus begins the story of the newest genre of music – The “Atif Aslam” genre.

Atif began initially with Addat, as a member of the band Jal.

Omer Nadeem ft Myra Nadeem – Teri Yaad (Download Audio)

February 4, 2012

Omer Nadeem feat. Myra Nadeem – Teri Yaad (Download Audio)

Artist: Omer Nadeem feat. Myra Nadeem

Song: Teri Yaad [Original Version]

Download Now!

Teri Yaad’s original version featuring Omer Nadeem’s sister Myra Nadeem singing her first ever song! Omer previously released a very up-tempo version of this track that featured Khiza.

Composition: Omer Nadeem
Lyrics: Omer Nadeem / S.Mukhtiar / Tausif Ali
Special Thanks: Saad Sultan – Producer & Aamir Aly – Bass
Produced at sidereal Studios

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