Shahana Khan Khalil Shares Her Coke Studio Experience

Shahana Khan Khalil - International Production Manager for Coke Studio Season 6

Shahana Khan Khalil - International Production Manager for Coke Studio Season 6

Coke Studio Season 6 is going to hit the airwaves very soon!

Here is a close insight into the Studio as I recently had the chance to interact with Shahana Khan Khalil who happens to be the International Production Manager for this season of Coke Studio playing a major role in the international ride of this mega project. Apart from that she has also been the Assistant BTS Producer and the Editorial Supervisor, all making her a very pivotal person in the upbringing of Season 6.

Pakistan Idol hits Faisalabad

September 26, 2013
Pakistan Idol Faisalabad


Pakistan Idol Faisalabad

As predicted earlier the Pakistan Idol has produced marvelous and almost hair raising response from across Pakistan and this time it was “The Manchester of Pakistan” Faisalabad. The Industrial hub of Pakistan had over 2000 contestants ready to get their voice and confidence tested by the Kingpins of the music industry.

Ahsan Papu Has Been Recently Diagnosed With Psoriatic Arthritis

July 30, 2013
Ahsan Papu Diagnosed With Psoriatic Arthritis

Ahsan Papu Diagnosed With Psoriatic ArthritisSad news for Pakistani music industry as Muhammad Ahsan Papu, the flute player from the critically acclaimed ‘Mekaal Hasan Band‘ has been recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. This disease has made it difficult for the flute master to play his instrument of life. But showing resilience to this deadly disease, Mr. Papu has been recovering speedily that is a really good sign from himself as well as for his wide fan base.

Mekaal Hasan Band is one of those very few bands in our industry who have kept themselves unique and closer to their identity in all these years. Due to which they have some very passionate following not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. And one would not hesitate to say that Mr. Papu has made huge contribution to MHB’s name and its success by adding his own skills of music that he has been practicing for past good 40 years.

Pakistani Version of The Hit TV Show, Glee To Be Launched Soon!

May 28, 2013

TaanThere is a huge fan following of American television serials, that go on and on for seasons, throughout the world. Even the situation in Pakistan is no different as people are addicted to these serials and one of them is Glee which has got a worldwide fan base mostly because of the musical content it delivers.

But the recent hot news that is creating buzz in the town is the launching of Pakistan’s version of Glee that is going to be titled as Taan. The new series will comprise of 26 episodes that will go on air somewhere around September this year.

Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 3 (Download Audios & Videos)

Download All Audios of Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 3

01. Overload & Rachel Viccaji – Neray Aah [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

02. Bilal Khan – Taaray [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

03. Uzair Jaswal – Nindiya Ke Paar [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

04. Bohemia – School Di Kitaab [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

05. Hadiqa Kiani – Rung [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]