Shahana Khan Khalil Shares Her Coke Studio Experience

Shahana Khan Khalil - International Production Manager for Coke Studio Season 6

Shahana Khan Khalil - International Production Manager for Coke Studio Season 6

Coke Studio Season 6 is going to hit the airwaves very soon!

Here is a close insight into the Studio as I recently had the chance to interact with Shahana Khan Khalil who happens to be the International Production Manager for this season of Coke Studio playing a major role in the international ride of this mega project. Apart from that she has also been the Assistant BTS Producer and the Editorial Supervisor, all making her a very pivotal person in the upbringing of Season 6.

Rushk New Line-Up And New Album

Rushk New Line-Up

Sikandar Mufti, a well-known musician and drummer, is these days involved with ‘Rushk‘ that is making a come back after a long hiatus and with a new line-up. Sikandar who plays with a lot of musical acts, was also part of the Coke Studio house band. He also has a long time association with a rock band co-VEN which is also in the studios working on releasing their new album.

‘We’re Going To Take It To The Next Level,’ Says Ali Hamza About Noori’s New Album

August 31, 2013
Noori 3rd Album

Noori 3rd Album

The band culture has almost come to an end in Pakistan as we see no new names for past few years. But it’s only with the old names that the band music scene is a little bit alive.

One of these old bands are the pioneers Noori, who are once again planning to come up with an album that is going to be their 3rd album in a stint of almost 10 years that has seen the band breaking up numerous times and is eventually left with the two brothers Ali Hamza and Ali Noor.

Saad Ul Hassan – Mujhe Roko (Download Audio)

Saad Ul Hassan - Mujhe Roko

Saad Ul Hassan – Mujhe Roko (Download Audio)

Artist: Saad Ul Hassan

Song: Mujhe Roko

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Saad Ul Hassan @ Live Art Studios

Download Now!

This is ‘Mujhe Roko’ by the band Noori. One of my favorites. Enjoy and let us know your feedback.

Take a listen to the song below:

Mujhe Roko Lyrics:

Mujhay Roko
Kay Meray Lab Hain Azaad
Par Koi Nahin Saath
Mujhay Roko
Mujhay Roko [Mujhay Roko]
Mujhay Roko
Mujhay Roko [Mujhay Roko]

Kay Main Hoon Azaad [Mujhay Roko]
Ho Meray Dil Main Hai Aag [Mujhay Roko]
Ab Koi Nahin Saath [Mujhay Roko]
Hai Kaali Yeh Raat

Meray Sar Pay Junoon [Mujhay Roko]
Ho Meri Aankhon Main Kho