Mustafa Zahid – Yeh Junoon Mera OST Shootout At Wadala (Download Audio)

April 12, 2013

Artist: Mustafa Zahid

Song: Yeh Junoon Mera

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Yeh Junoon Mera is a soft romantic number from Shootout at Wadala.


Mahsoos khud ko tere bina maine kabhi kiya nahi
Tu kya jane lamhaa koi maine kabhi jiya nahi…
Ab jo mile hain to shikve-gile na ho
Bus ishq ho…
Bas ishq ho…
Ab jo hanse hain to ansu koi na ho…
Bus ishq ho
Bas ishq ho…

Ye junoon mera mujhe le jaaye kahaan
Rab tujh mein ab pa raha hoon main yahaan
Ab jee loon teri hi aankhon mein ye jahaan
Tu gawaah raaton ko roya tha sang mere aasmaan

Yaadon me r

Roxen – Bhula Dena OST Aashiqui 2 (Download Audio)

April 3, 2013

Roxen – Bhula Dena (Download MP3)

Artist: Roxen

Song: Bhula Dena

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Movie: Aashiqui 2


Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alwida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina
Safat yeh hai tera
Yeh rasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Ho teri saari shohratein
Hai yeh dua
Tujhi pe saari rehmatein
Hai yeh dua
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alwida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai
Mere bina

Tu hi hai kinaara tera
Tu hi to sahara tera
Tu hi hai tarana kal ka
Tu hi to fasana kal ka
Khud pe yakeen tu karna
Banna tu a

Mustafa Zahid Joins Call Band as Guest Vocalist

November 6, 2012

Like every year, the number of concerts happening around really springs up as the weather tends to get cold. And same is the case this time as you would see a lot of concert posters taking on the walls of the city and of course Facebook.

Out of all these live performances lined up for this winter, the most notable is of Call the band, and the story just doesn’t end up here as they will be featuring Mustafa Zahid from Roxen as the guest vocalist.

Earlier they had performed with Mustafa on the lead vocals in Risalpur some weeks ago but this would be the first time that both the heavy weights will be performing together in their home ground i.e. Lahore.

Xulfi, who is the main driving force behind Call, is a long time friend of Mustafa and really helped the Roxen boys when they were in process of producing their first album Roxen-e-Dewar.

Roxen’s Statement on Misuse of Name & Clarification on Mustafa’s Self Proclaimed Fiancé

June 23, 2012

By Hasan Faridi

We don’t often see artists and bands giving out professional press releases in Pakistan, but Pakistani rock band Roxen has released a press release recently trying to notify and warn fans about certain issues that have got out of hand,

“Apparently we have found out that a lot of individuals have not only been misusing our name by portraying themselves as our agents but also there are a lot who keep on digging into our personal lives and hence it has forced us to release an official statement on behalf of ROXEN’s lead singer Mustafa Zahid…”