Waris Shah and Sanwal on Saptak Record

June 11, 2009

When we asked Mekaal Hasan, “Why are Waris Shah and Sanwal on Saptak Record”, these were his words:

“If you remember the record that was supposed to come out was Andholan. However, since we were signed to EMI, they had no idea what to do with the kind of record Andholan was. The band had plenty of material written and thus decided to incorporate that material for EMI and hence the record Saptak. The reason for those 2 songs being there was because Waris Shah has a video for it and EMI wanted to run that on this record. Sanwal is there as a reggae version which we’ve been playing for 2 years so we decided to document that version. I hope you enjoy the new record. It was a lot of hard work but also lots of fun.”