Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 3 (Download Audios & Videos)

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01. Mole – Baageshri – Instrumental [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

02. Bilal Khan – Lamha [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

03. Sanam Marvi – Ith Naheen [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

04. Jal & Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch – Panchi [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

05. Ustaad Naseer-ud-Din Saami – Mundari [ Download Audio ] [ Lyrics ]

The Coke Studio Journey continues with Episode 3

(Pakistan, 18 June 2011) On 19 June 2011, the Coke Studio journey continues through time with Episode 3, presenting a cross section of genres and artists representing generations of listeners. Performances in Episode 3 will outline a history – from the diversity of music that defines the present to flavors from the recent history of contemporary music and on to the sounds that are a part of our cultural heritage.

Tracing the inspiration of some of today’s music back to an ancient source, this episode will feature Mole’s “Baageshri” – an experimental fusion track where the band has utilized modern tools of technology side by side with eastern and westerns instruments to achieve a unique sound – a first for Coke Studio.

Bilal Khan – Lamha (Download Audio)

November 13, 2010

Bilal Khan – Lamha (Download Audio)

Bilal Khan - Banda (Studio Recording)

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Artist: Bilal Khan

Song: Lamha (Official Album Release)

Album: Umeed

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This song for a long time was Bilal’s favorite. For him this has the most amount of emotion than any other song on the album. It’s about people around you not realizing the complexity of your life. It’s about wishing that somebody would just understand. It’s about “hope” that maybe someday, somebody would understand.

Bilal Khan – Lamha (Unplugged Audio & Review)

Artist: Bilal Khan

Song: Lamha

Reviewed by Sadaf Fayyaz:

Is unplugged better? Bilal Khan Rocks with “Lamha”

The light-eyed LUMS boy has again come up with, “Lamha”, after almost 60,000 plus views of the track “Bachana” on You Tube. His voice really touches heart and sounds great. He writes, sings and composes his songs himself. It’s a highly deep and mesmerizing song, with haunting vocals. His “Gham na Aaye” is equally amazing and mind blowing, with softer guitar touches. The one performed on the Fasi Zaka show has a slightly different touch of melody to it. One finds a much mature and deeper touch in his vocals now. I have listened to both the versions and found slight change, with the later being much more subterranean. After “Gham”, the next single “Lamha” has the same deep and melancholic touch to it, with his extremely natural voice. The new single “Lamha”, recorded and mixed by Fayyaz Ahmed sounds deep and touchy. I found unplugged versions of his songs much nicer. Let’s wait for some studio sessions too. With almost one thousand views, “Lamha”, is not as soulful as “Gham” or “Bachana”, but worth listening. One finds a kind of monotone throughout the single, with the starting symphony being all over the same in the track. Besides being a spiritually soulful sonata, one finds little change in all of his singles. A kind of monotone or similar oeuvre follows all over the tracks. Being a young and energetic musician, one finds much mela