Dil Dil (Naya) Pakistan?

Vital-Junoon (1)

So finally after almost a decade, the super stars from the past have made a come back, although this re-union might be just for a single song, but as of now they have surely created a lot of buzz with their recent track, some terming it as a unique occurrence in the history of Pakistani music.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is “Naya Pakistan” featuring few of the most renowned pop icons from the past, Salman Ahmad, Shahi Hassan, Nusrat Hussain, and last but not the least, Junaid Jamshed. And together they have been titled as Vital-Junoon.

Founding Members of Vital Signs Get Together After Years | Naya Pakistan Promo

January 30, 2013
Junaid Jamshed, Salman Ahmad, Nusrat Hussain & Shahi Hasan at IWM Studio (2)

So there is something big cooking up in a studio of Karachi these days. And this is certainly going to be huge once it gets out of the stores.

It is reported that some of the musical legends of our industry namely Salman Ahmad, Shahi Hasan, Nusrat Hussain and none other than Junaid Jamshed, are together gearing up for release of a new single named as “Naya Pakistan”. This track will most probably be a patriotic number but the most important thing which is causing the excitement among the music fans is the re-union of these pop giants from the past.

J(U)naid Jamshed Turns?

September 9, 2012
Salman Ahmad & Junaid Jamshed reunited on the stage

By Ahmad Uzair

We live in a world full of paradoxes. It might be a hard fact to digest for some, others might relate to it, but over the period of time it has got so rampant in our society that some time we fail to distinguish and are left in the state of oblivion and confusion. In our daily life, we come across so many people, and at times even situations to which we have no answers. Many times it’s even our own action which puzzles us. It’s basically the perception that makes us wrong and we fail to recognize what we see.

“Appearances can be deceptive” and the media industry is no exception to it, perhaps the best example of it.

Jarar Malik – Dil Dil Pakistan (Vital Signs cover)


Jarar Malik – Dil Dil Pakistan (Download Audio)

Artist: Jarar Malik

Song: Dil Dil Pakistan (Vital Signs cover)

Download Now!

Produced by Jarar

To mark the 25th Anniversary of “Dil Dil Pakistan” by Vital Signs, which was released on 14th August 1987, Jarar has recorded a version of the iconic song.

Take a listen to the song below:

The entire original lineup of Vital Signs has expressed their thumbs up for the song!

“It’s sounding rather up-to-date and vibrant.”