Jasim Haider – Nobody Loves No One

September 22, 2013
Nobody Loves No One - Jasim Haider

Jasim Haider – Nobody Loves No One (Download Audio)

Artist: Jasim Haider

Song: Nobody Loves No One

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The very first eclectic bluesy combo of two hits by the American Rock maestro Chris Isaak and pioneers of Pakistani pop music Vital Signs.

You can preview the song below:

Nobody Loves No One Credits:

Vocals: Jasim Haider

Rhythm Guitar: Jasim Haider

Lead Guitar: Adeel Haroon

Bass: Syed Mohsin Raza Zaidi

Drums: Eiman Hussain

Produced by Jasim Haider @ The DP Shop

The Northern Lights – Dharti (Download Audio)

The Northern Lights – Dharti (Download Audio)

Artist: The Northern Lights

Song: Dharti

Download Now! [ HQ Audio ]

The Northern Lights is a band from the twin cities (Islamabad/Rawalpindi) who’ve recently become famous for their unique fusion of Blues and Eastern Classical.

Take a listen to the song below.


Bass Guitar: Tauqeer Rahat

Lead Guitar and Vocals: Jasim Haider

Keyboards (including the Harmonium) and Vocals: Mansoo

Jasim Haider ft. Mansoor Mujtaba – Khamoshi (Official Music Video)

November 5, 2012

A song written and composed by Jasim Haider. Produced by Jonathan Jones. This time Jasim Haider is backed up by a powerful eastern classical vocalist and best friend, Mansoor Mujtaba, together, Jasim’s blues and Mansoor’s classic virtuosity has blended for the very first time, in loving memory of Mohsin Javed. (1987-2010). A close friend who tragically died at a very young age.