Atif Aslam & Goher Mumtaz Gay? (Funny Pic)

October 25, 2009


Originally uploaded by Dino

Haroon Rashid says, “The picture is an artistic concept…symbolizing that those two band members were joined in their art and music like conjoined twins….and then they were surgically operated upon and now they have gone their own ways…”

Khurram J Khan (Xulfi’s elder brother), CEO of Jilawatan Production, “This is a real photoshoot no fake .. it was done as a part of unique photoshoot… none of them or gay or anything but the picture was taken when they were not even popular and just did what they asked them to do… its an innocent pic actually :)”

Abbas Ali Khan Says, “I can tell its not photoshop, bhia 15years say photo shop use kar rahaa hoon :D”

Dino says “And mazay ki baat hai this is an actual real photoshoot no photoshoping at all” read more

Aag Alive Press Conference – Instep Today

October 15, 2009

Rock For a Cause

Pakistan’s Woodstock is announced via ribald antics and an enviable camaraderie

Ali Azmat, Shiraz Uppal, Noori, Fuzon, Hadiqa Kiani, Laal, Jal, Call and more will play live at the 12 hour Aag Live show

Hani Taha Salim

One doesn’t expect much from a press conference except for the usual question-and-answer session and perhaps some excitement if someone hurls a shoe at the chief speaker. But just because we didn’t have anyone willing to take the Muntadar al Zaidi route, it doesn’t mean that its not possible to have a music-related press conference that was irreverent at best and insolent at worst.

Aag_FuzonAfter all, we always have Ali Azmat to bank on, and if he doesn’t rise to the occasion (which is rare) then a new and rather reclusive contender, Shallum Xavier. They’re to credit for a highly amusing evening that saw the announcement of a concert in Lahore on October 25. The Aag Live concert will see 22 musical sensations from Pakistan playing for 12 hours straight which would be aired worldwide.

Interview: Farhan Saeed – Up close & Personal [US Mag]

October 12, 2009

Farhan Saeed…

Up-close and personal

By S. Hamza Asad and Noman H Malik

FarhanA talented individual may not necessarily translate into a charming personality. Today’s celebrities are the prime example of this statement. But we were in for a surprise when we talked to one of the coolest youth icons of our country. This 25-year-old energetic soul is one of the rare genuine human beings one can find in today’s celebrity list. Being the lead vocalist of Jal, his spirits are akin to the bottle of soda, which starts off with a lot of energy, and then its fizz settles down leaving a soothing effect on your soul.

Farhan Saeed’s Blog Entry – Ye mera Pakistan

September 26, 2009

Farhan Saeed Birthday PicHey everybody!

Sorry for the delayed update. I was caught up with a little something, which, as a matter of fact, you guys will be seeing on your television screens from today. We did a re-do of our song ‘Ye mera Pakistan’ for the ICC Champions trophy 2009. You’ll find the new version a little more upbeat and pumped up, while you’ll find the video interesting in its own way for two reasons; we’re wearing the Pakistani cricket team’s uniform shirts and it has clips from the winning moments of the T20 cricket series which our national team own. Watching those clips gets you into this wonderful feeling of victory and brings to you a sense of national pride and patriotism.

The Official Farhan Saeed Blog Launched

September 16, 2009

Farhan SaeedStarting things off.

Hey guys!

I noticed that I wasn’t being so successful in communicating with all of you; responding to you, answering your questions, or even thanking you for all the precious prayers and wishes you guys send in. The thing is, it isn’t an easy job getting back to everyone, especially with so many things going on. So I came up with a solution and decided to start a web blog, where I’d write about myself and what’s going on in my life, and answer all what you guys wanted or want to know about me.

Height of Miss-management by Organizers at the Noori Gig

August 23, 2009

Recently, we reported that Qayaas will not be playing in the Noori gig due to miss-management and payment issues. We recommended you to get the refund before the concert starts due to expected mishaps. Noori did perform in the event but the organizers did anything and everything to screw it up.

A friend at Pakiology wrote an article about what really happened at the event and willingly agreed to share that with the viewers of KoolMuzone.

The music scene in Islamabad is down due to the unprofessional organizers who are ruining the concerts in the capital city. The fans are completely disappointed by the cancellations of concerts and certain events of bands not showing up in the concert.