Zohaib Kazi – Black Coffee ‘Khwabon Mein’

Zohaib Kazi - Black Coffee - Khwabon Mein

Artists: Zohaib Kazi featuring Abbas Ali Khan, Omran Shafique, Sara Haider, Imam Hamdani, Bradley D’Souza with Gumby

Song: Black Coffee ‘Khwabon Mein’

Download Black Coffee and the first batch of Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher from here!

So, it is finally here. The build up to the album launch of ‘Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher’ which has been inspired from the novella of the same name, written by Zohaib Kazi. This song has been adapted from the 3rd chapter ‘Black Coffee – Khwabon Mein’ of the novella.

Zohaib Kazi – Black Coffee – Khwabon Mein (Video Stills)

August 28, 2013

Check out the stills from Zohaib Kazi‘s next release ‘Black Coffee – Khwabon Mein’ featuring Abbas Ali Khan and Sara Haider on vocals, Omran Shafique on electric, Imam Hamdani on acoustic, Bradley Dsouza on bass along with Louis J. Pinto ‘Gumby‘ on drums and percussions. It’s the 3rd chapter from Zohaib’s album/novella ‘Ismail Ka Urdu Sheher‘. Watch the 6 second preview flash here. Song goes live on Friday August, 30th.

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Zoe Viccaji – Jis Nay Bhi Aana Hai, Aik Din Jaana Hai (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Zoe Viccaji featuring Imam Hamdani & Sikandar Mufti

Song: Jis Nay Bhi Aana Hai, Aik Din Jaana Hai

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You can download the mp3 from Zoe’s Facebook Page.

Song details: This is the first single of the upcoming Album (Zoe), of which 4 songs are in Urdu and 4 songs in English. We’re still eagerly awaiting a release date. Zoe said the following about this song,

Sara Haider – Tere Saath (Download Audio) [Uth Records]

Sara Haider – Tere Saath (Download Audio) [Uth Records]

Artists: Sara Haider feat. Ali Haider & Imam Hamdani

Song: Main Tere Saath Hoon

Show: Ufone Uth Records 2.0Episode 5

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