Hussain Ali Shah – Ye Raat – Pepsi Smash (Download MP3 / Video)

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Artist: Hussain Ali Shah

Song: Ye Raat

Music Produced by Sheraz Siddiq and Faisal Baig

Directed & Produced by Farhad Humayun!

Pepsi Smash Session 11 – Ye Raat by Hussain Ali Shah. He’s got everything that it takes to be a rockstar and the session’s got everything it needs for it to be a SMASHING HIT!

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Farhad Humayun Produces Pepsi Smash – The Next Big Thing in Music!

Pepsi Smash - Farhad on DrumsAn exciting new music based initiative, Pepsi SMASH, went viral yesterday in Pakistan, and Overload’s very own Farhad Humayun has a big hand to play in the realization of this mega project. Via the platform of his production company Riot Productions, Farhad has acted as the producer & video director for Pepsi SMASH, having overseen various important areas of the project. The music has been produced by Overload’s keyboardist/composer Sheraz Siddiq & Pakistan’s foremost DJ, Faisal Baig.

Hussain Ali Shah – Yeh Raat (Tere Saath) [Download Audio]

Hussain Ali Shah – Yeh Raat (Download Audio)

Artist: Hussain Ali Shah

Song: Yeh Raat (Tere Saath)

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Hussain Ali Shah wrote the following about this song,

“This song is written/produced/recorded by me using a semi acoustic guitar, a mic, and adobe audition 3. The bass, electric, and the drum beat were all done on the acoustic. This is not studio recorded just like all my other songs, just sharing it anyway! hope you all like it.”

Take a listen to the song below:

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