Factors That Lure Musicians Into Acting

March 26, 2013

Human beings are very unpredictable creatures and their liking and disliking can change at any time. Perhaps this is where the beauty and the versatility of the man lie. And it’s the human nature to keep on evolving with time but our surroundings do play an important role in defining ourselves.

The question that arises here: Is the music industry getting too stagnant to be in or it’s just the glitz and glamour of drama world that is attracting every other musician to join acting?

Here we will try to look at some of the factors that affect the musicians to leave their childhood passion and turn into actors.

Goher Mumtaz Gets Engaged to Anam Ahmad (Pictures)

September 17, 2012

The handsome hunk from Lahore, Goher Mumtaz who was the master mind behind one of the biggest pop hits of all times, Aadat, is no more single now and got engaged to a girl named Anam Ahmad who is herself in to the showbiz field pursuing a modeling career.

This news must be shattering for many of the fans specially female ones as Mr Goher was even more popular among them owing to his handsome personality and had a huge fan following that could be well observed in concerts and in public.

Sajal Band – Maula (Download Audio)

July 18, 2012

Sajal Band – Maula (Download Audio)

Artist: Sajal

Song: Maula

Download Now!

Singer/ Composer/ Lyricist: Raza Khan

Lead Guitarist: Mohsin Kafeel

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at: GM Studioz


Sung hon jab yar apne,
Manzar phir jo bhi ho.
Lamhon ke kut ne ki,
Phir kuch khabar na ho.

Rab ki inaayat se,
Hau yeh dosti.

Maula Maula mere,
Maula Maula mere,
Apni yari yun hi rahe sadaa.
Maula Maula mere,
Maula Maula mere,
Tujh se mangein hum yeh hi dua.

Dil ko kabhi jo koi gham mile to,
Mit jae woh, jab hon yaron ke sung.
Hoti rahe yun hi rehmat ataa,
Yeh dosti hai Khuda ka karam.

Rab ki inaayat se,
Hai yeh dosti.

Maula Maula mere,
Maula Maula mere,
Apni yari yun hi rahe sadaa.
Maula Maula mere,
Maula Maula mere,

Jal: Farhan and Beyond

May 9, 2012

By Hani Arif

We were all sad when we heard that Farhan had quit Jal and decided to go solo. The shock factor remained intact as to why it had happened despite achieving the highest musical representation in Pakistan i.e. getting featured on Coke Studio. Do you ask the reason why we were all sad?

Firstly: Essence of Bands: Farhan was made by Jal and he had betrayed such a cordial relationship that he shared with his band mates, it was as if this can happen with Jal, it can happen with anyone else.