Ali Azmat has been blessed with second daughter

December 2, 2013
Ali Azmat has been blessed with second daughter

Living legend and the real Rock star of Pakistan, Ali Azmat has once again been blessed with a daughter. The little rocker has been named as Mia Ali and she is said to be doing fine.

Earlier last year, Ali Azmat was blessed with his first child Ella after getting married to his long time producer friend Fariha Chapra in 2011.

This amazing news was revealed to his fans by Ali himself as he took to twitter and Facebook separately and announced the arrival of the new-comer.

He tweeted,

“Announcing the arrival of our daughter Mia Ali Azmat. She is a little bundle of joy.”

Mia is an Italian name that means ‘mine’. Also the RockStar confirmed through his Facebook account that both the mother and child are doing fine . He said,

“Mia Ali has arrived. Mother and child are doing fine.”

The news of Mia’s arrival was met with great response from the friends and family of the couple, congratulating them on this joyful moment.

Ali who has always lived a life of a flamboyant young guy has now been blessed with two amazing little girls and its expect

Ali Azmat Blessed With a Baby Girl ‘Ella’

September 14, 2012

The biggest rock star and a living legend of our country, Ali Azmat is finally a father now.  This must be great news for the fans and Ali himself who has seen a life long career with so many highs and lows which many of us can only dream of. It won’t be wrong to call him the Father of Rock in Pakistan as he has countless achievements to his credit.

Ali Azmat remained bachelor for a long time but finally married Fariha Khan last September in a low profile personal event. And today it’s perhaps the happiest day for them when they have been blessed with a baby girl named “Ella”.

Ali has been a vibrant personality all through his career and his work was often marred with controversies mostly highlighting the taboo topics which he and his band mates took up during their stint as ‘Junoon’. And even now he is seen appearing at political rallies and talk shows shedding light on various issues.

Ali Azmat & Fariha Khan Wedding Photos

September 12, 2011

As you probably already know, Ali Azmat got hitched over the weekend to a lady who goes by the name of “Fariha Khan” whom he had been dating for a while. The first thing that you get to hear on news such a big is “Pictures or didn’t happen” and so here are some of the pictures from the wedding ceremony. The post will be updated with more and better quality images as we get hold of them.

(News: Ali Azmat, wife Fariha Khan blessed with a baby girl “Ella”)

Ali Azmat Married Fariha Khan (Chapra)! [Wedding Photo]

September 10, 2011

Ex lead vocalist of the sufi pop-rock band Junoon, Ali Azmat, also known as U2 of South Asia will be finally tying the knots with a producer at Aag TV who goes by the name “Fariha Khan (Chapra)”. The Nikah ceremony is scheduled for today, followed by the Walima which will be tomorrow.

Ali, who is now 41, has come a long way in the music industry and is perhaps the most renowned music icon of the country in the present age. With a music career of almost 20 years, Ali has been part one of the most successful bands of the country. Ali is also known for his solo projects and his contributions in some of the top Bollywood projects.

Various sources have confirmed this to us including an insider at Aag, a radio-jockey and the news has also made waves on other blogs and publications too.