Farhan Saeed, Jal, Accused of Carrying a Weapon

February 19, 2010

Express news broke the news today that Farhan Saeed of Jal band was found with an unusual type of weapon (pen pistol) at the Lahore airport while leaving for Karachi for a concert. He mentioned that he didn’t know about it and a fan handed this over to him as a gift.

We believe that Farhan is not involved in any such activity and wish that conclusion turns out to be in his favor.

Sources mentioned that he has not been arrested and has been let go to Karachi for the concert.

Peace with Pak: Breaking the sound barrier in Bollywood

January 4, 2010

By Maheen Sabeeh

Pakistan, if the ‘50s were all about the queen of melody Nur Jehan, in the ‘60s and ‘70s a newer sound came into our filmi music with names like Ahmed Rushdi, Bangladeshi singing sensation Runa Laila and Sohail Rana ruling the soundboard. The turn for modern pop arrived in the ‘80s when Alamgir first introduced electric synthesizers to Pakistani pop and dekha na tha became an anthem for a new generation and heralded a whole new sound. The wave of disco pop gained steam with Mohammad Ali Shyhaki and reached its zenith with the magic of Nazia and Zoheb Hasan. We were all Disco deewane, so what if it was the Zia era and prohibition was heavily enforced?

Interview: “The response we’ve been getting doesn’t suggest that there’s any anti-Pakistan sentiment.” – Farhan Saeed

– Instep Today catches up with Farhan Saeed of Jal as he tours India with his musical outfit Jal and finds out about playing across the border, Indian sentiment and more…

Tomorrow is just a song away

With Muharram upon us, many musicians are heading to other destinations. Strings made us proud by performing at the recent South Asian Bands Festival (Purana Qila, New Delhi) representing Pakistan. Since then, the dynamos of Pakistani pop have gone on a touring spree of India and have just returned home (but more on them later). And they aren’t the only ones giving Indians a doze of pure electric Pakistani pop.

Interview: Farhan Saeed – Up close & Personal [US Mag]

October 12, 2009

Farhan Saeed…

Up-close and personal

By S. Hamza Asad and Noman H Malik

FarhanA talented individual may not necessarily translate into a charming personality. Today’s celebrities are the prime example of this statement. But we were in for a surprise when we talked to one of the coolest youth icons of our country. This 25-year-old energetic soul is one of the rare genuine human beings one can find in today’s celebrity list. Being the lead vocalist of Jal, his spirits are akin to the bottle of soda, which starts off with a lot of energy, and then its fizz settles down leaving a soothing effect on your soul.

Farhan Saeed’s Blog Entry – Ye mera Pakistan

September 26, 2009

Farhan Saeed Birthday PicHey everybody!

Sorry for the delayed update. I was caught up with a little something, which, as a matter of fact, you guys will be seeing on your television screens from today. We did a re-do of our song ‘Ye mera Pakistan’ for the ICC Champions trophy 2009. You’ll find the new version a little more upbeat and pumped up, while you’ll find the video interesting in its own way for two reasons; we’re wearing the Pakistani cricket team’s uniform shirts and it has clips from the winning moments of the T20 cricket series which our national team own. Watching those clips gets you into this wonderful feeling of victory and brings to you a sense of national pride and patriotism.

Rock ‘n’ roll Eid

September 21, 2009

Rock ‘n’ roll Eid

Musi­cians tell Instep Today what they’ll be doing and wear­ing over the Eid holiday..

Aysha Man­ahi


What do musi­cians do on Eid? Well, they spend it like any other Pak­istani, mostly tra­di­tion­ally. This Instep Eid sur­vey threw up some sur­pris­ing results. Amanat Ali of Kohram fame is pos­si­bly the most fash­ion con­scious musi­cian going, fol­lowed by Farhan Saeed and Goher Mum­taz of Jal. On the other hand, hard­core rocker Ali Noor is against blow­ing up big bucks for a designer out­fit on Eid. His brother Ali Hamza wears what­ever his mother or grand­mother wants him to and so does Eht­e­sham of ‘Aisi Taisi’ fame. Nearly every­one favours tra­di­tion for a day or two at most and then will get back into their jeans and chill out… except for Uns Mufti who gives out the loud­est rebel yell of all…


The Official Farhan Saeed Blog Launched

September 16, 2009

Farhan SaeedStarting things off.

Hey guys!

I noticed that I wasn’t being so successful in communicating with all of you; responding to you, answering your questions, or even thanking you for all the precious prayers and wishes you guys send in. The thing is, it isn’t an easy job getting back to everyone, especially with so many things going on. So I came up with a solution and decided to start a web blog, where I’d write about myself and what’s going on in my life, and answer all what you guys wanted or want to know about me.