Noori – Kuttay (Te Tho Uttay) (Live at The Rock Musicarium)

Artist: Noori

Song: Kuttay (Te Tho Uttay) [Live]

Album: Live at The Rock Musicarium

You can get the complete album from here.

As a hype builder for the release of the album, the band is sharing a special performance with their fans – it’s an impromptu rendition of “Kuttay (Te Tho Uttay)”. The band hadn’t rehearsed this song, but the crowd demanded it so much, that they didn’t have any option. What they ended up jamming is something totally different from the way Noori has been performing this song in the past.

Take a listen to the song below:

‘Noori Live at the Rock Musicarium’ – Ready for Release!

March 29, 2012

It took just over a month to mix down a live album for the very first time. Something new for the Noori boys as it took some time to complete this – more than was expected. But that’s what happens when it’s a first of it’s kind.

As far as Noori is concerned, they say that “it’s been an experience putting all this together (…) the band performed a concert of over two hours from which we had to cut out a CD of around 70 minutes max. Handling such a long timeline hasn’t been an easy task … pulling this off in a month was only possible because we have Kashif on board…”

Ali Hamza to Sing Most Songs on Noori’s 3rd Album

February 18, 2012

By Tehniat

Recently, the band ‘Noori‘ has entered the music scene again, with their new track, ‘Taaron se Agay‘. Even though they are trying to keep the same music-style in their upcoming album; their third album will be different and new in a way that most of the songs in the album will be sung by Ali Hamza, and not the usual vocalist and his brother, Ali Noor.

“I was losing my focus as a musician and watching Hamza and Gumby take the front seat in the next album is helping me evolve myself,” explains Noor.

Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 5 (Pictures)

With the airing of Episode 5, the journey of Coke Studio Season 4 comes to an end. Coke Studio’s fifth and final episode of the 2011 Season includes just two performances and that some more tracks will be released after Ramzan as announced by Coke Studio on their facebook page. So stay tuned for more music. The last episode also includes special featurettes that provides an intimate look at the people, the processes, the musical depth behind the creation of this year’s songs and presents an extended look at the personalities featured in Coke Studio 2011, spotlighting each of the 15 artists in a series of individual chapters. View the pictures from the last episode below:

Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 5 (Download Audios & Videos)

Download All Audios of Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 5

01. Asif Hussain Samraat – Beero Binjaaro [ Download Audio ]

02. Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad – Mori Bangri [ Download Audio ]

Over the last four years Coke Studio has offered its audiences across the globe a unique view into traditional, classical and contemporary music in Pakistan. The 2011 sessions continue the journey that began with Coke Studio 2008, reflecting the depth of musical diversity in the country; from obscure indigenous folk music in regional languages and dialects to mainstream popular contemporary numbers, spotlighting less well-known artists alongside the widely acclaimed and paying tribute to some of the many cherished artists that make up the fabric of our musical legacy.

Coke Studio Season 4 Hoarding in Lahore (More Artists Revealed)

Just one day before the release of the second episode of Coke Studio Season 4, we are seeing the billboards of Coke Studio in Lahore that reveals all the artists of this season.

Mole, Sami Sahab, Sketches and many more unfamiliar artists are revealed on these billboards, who will be featured in the upcoming episodes Coke Studio.

PS: The Coca-Cola Company has also started giving free Coke Studio CDs for buying two 1.5 litre bottles. The CDs are a collection of songs from all three seasons of Coke Studio.

Below are the pictures of the Coke Studio billboards taken by Da Max.