Hadiqa Kiani sings with Atif Aslam for Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Bol’

May 7, 2010

Hadiqa Kiani has very recently recorded a rock song with Atif Aslam for Shoaib Mansoor‘s upcoming film “Bol“. Famous Music VJ “Mahira Khan” has been picturised on Hadiqa’s vocals along with Atif Aslam (both acting in the film). The song is called “Kaho” and it is an upbeat, very high energy concert song. We hope that the song rocks all the music charts. Stay tuned for more updates related to the film.

– Source:
Noah Ibrahim
Hadiqa FB Management

Atif Aslam and Omer Nadeem to Do Songs for “Bol”

February 25, 2010

As we reported earlier, that Atif Aslam has chosen to act in lollywood’s bol. With that the rumors came if he would or wouldn’t sing for his debut. Earlier this month, some of our sources reported that Ali Khan will be doing the songs and Atif will lip-sync. Today, however, Omer Nadeem announced an interesting news.

Yes..!!Shoaib Mansoor approached me and asked weather I can compose for his film I said yes I can compose for him then he called me to his office next morning I was very much excited.After fewdays I went to his studio where Atif aslam was also present then Aatif and I composed a song which Shoaib Mansoor liked very much.It was great pleasure to work with Atif after almost 6 year gap we had great chemistry at that time and still i felt the same level as far as music is concern,It feel nostalgic “Puraani Yaadein Taaza Hogaye”.Initially Shoaib Mansoor wanted to have couple of my original songs but the circumstances didnt allow me to have this honor.The major reason behind this is that Atif Aslam is acting in the movie so it would look better if he sing those song himself so i didnt want my album to get affected but still we didnt compromise what we composed for the movie.InshaAllah this song will be a big hit read more

Atif Aslam to Act in Pakistani Film “Bol”

January 22, 2010

The news sounded shocking (read: hilarious) when I first found out, considering the current state of Pakistani filming in general but Atif Aslam has taken a step ahead in Pakistani film industry to act as a doctor. However, since the film is directed by Shoaib Mansoor, this is not as hilarious as it sounded

Atif says

Admitting that we don’t have much hits on our credits on the big screen would not be a shame but certainly we can improve it . To explore ma talent and the ability to act is the primary reason for me to convince my friends family n myself  but  not to be in the news certainly. Working with the best and the most senior director of the film industry  MR . SHOAIB MANSOOR gives me the opportunity to give you guys ma debut film . I started ma singing career from PAKISTAN and  ATIF ASLAM was made by PAKISTAN . I had  alot ov offers to work with the BHATT’S ,  the RAJ’S starring the premium class but certainly wanted to begin from the house and didn’t want to become a choclate hero. Therefore undisputedly ATIF ASLAM was meant to start his filming career frOm PAKISTAN .  Here I am “ATIF ASLAM”  casted in a FILM named “BOL”  as a middle class low profile doctor read more

Music in 2009: Comments from Mustafa Zahid, Abbas Ali Khan and Faiza Mujahid

December 25, 2009

Mustafa Zahid (Roxen): 2009 has been dull mainly because of the current situation in the country; adding agony to the pain is having unlimited news channels on the screen and less entertainment channel. How can someone switch to a music channel and look at what’s coming now when a bomb’s been blasted every fortnight? The sad truth is that entertainment has gone down big time in 2009. We did Bujh Hai Gaya as Roxen and Khuda Kay Liyay as my solo project, but overall things have been rough for everyone.