10th Lux Style Awards 2011, Music Winners

September 18, 2011

This year’s Lux Style Awards were held last night at the Expo Center in Karachi. Besides television and fashion, there were some music categories too. This year some musicians even ventured into acting like Fawad Afzal Khan of EP who was nominated for the drama serial Dastaan, in which he played the character of Hassan, but did not win.

Guitarist, composer and music producer Shallum Xavier and singer Zara Madani won the Singer of the Year award for their song ‘Payam‘. Director Bilal Lashari won the Best Music Video Director award for EP’s music video Shor Macha.

Other music categories included the award for the Best Artist that went to pop/rock band Mauj

A New Generation of Rock

By Zeerak Ahmed

The rise of Bilal Khan, the Aunty Disco Project & Uth records has signaled the coming of a new generation of rock music from Pakistan’s renewed underground scene. After the rise of Noori and eP, along with Indus Music, the VJ generation and a post Junoon revelation, it seems that generation of rockers will take a new place in Pakistan’s rock industry.

The energetic rock anthems have since become somewhat hollow, and as Pakistan’s politics and society have hit new rock bottoms, rock has had to find new issues, new emotions to deal with. It seems the big guns have had to deal with social issues, and bringing audiences back together. Strings, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar and then Noori to some degree have tried to mature their pop acts into deeper, more relevant offerings.

Some may say however, that this generation did not live up to its promise. Despite the phenomenal rise of 2003’s musicians, many have released only a handful of songs, let alone albums. Atif has been an exception

Entity Paradigm making a Politically Themed Song

December 22, 2010
Entity Paradigm

Entity ParadigmEntity Paradigm released its first single “Kuch Shor Macha… Awaz Utha” after it’s comeback on the 63rd independence day of Pakistan, which became an instant hit. The song and the video were more of an appeal to the youth to make some noise and get one’s act together. To realize that no matter how dark the yesterday may have been the possibility of a brighter tomorrow is what matters and complaining and criticizing is not the way to it. When you are positive, results begin to show themselves but for that the youth must resonate together on that common frequency. The song talked of that very frequency. It talked of having to forget, to let go in order to make a new history together. EP believed that Shor Macha was the first step in fulfilling their responsibility and giving something back to the community. EP who stood for a revolution and stood against the tide is now making a Politically themed song, their second track after the band’s comeback in 2009. read more