Mehdi Hassan Passes Away (1927-2012)

Today, we lost a true music legend of our country, as Mehdi Hassan passed away at age 84 of organ failure in a private hospital in Karachi. With the passing away of the best ghazal singer of all times, the world has lost a major stalwart of the ghazal world. Vacuum left by him is never going to be filled.

His voice and selection of Ghazals provided soothing calmness to millions of his fans. The ghazal maestro is no more with us, but his golden voice and his unforgettable melodies will keep him alive in our memories. He will be always remembered with great fondness and pride, all over the world.

Music brings people together and the walls which separate, crumble. Mehdi Hassan’s music did just that. He was just as popular and respected in India, which was his birthplace, as he was in Pakistan.

Melody Queen Lata Mangeshkar had once said that Mehdi Hassan’s songs were ‘voi

Fawad Khan & Waqar Khan Quit Entity Paradigm

May 18, 2012

Based on latest status update by Entity Paradigm‘s drummer Waqar Khan, it has been confirmed that he is no longer part of the band. However, other sources including some of the renowned musicians have also confirmed that the front-man of the band, Fawad Afzal Khan, has also called it quits.

I’ll be honest when I first heard the news it neither shook me nor made me sad. The reason why I feel the way I do is that the band only released one song since their come back. And so I’ve always felt that the word comeback was rather an overstatement. The band hasn’t released much music since the reunion but the members continued to work on their solo projects.

A renowned musician, who would like to stay anonymous commented “apparently he [Fawad] is very busy with acting and can not give time to band“. Waqar Khan on the other hand announced that he’s calling it quits on his personal Facebook profile. He said “Goodbye ‘Entity Paradigm’ and good luck with the upcoming video. 12 years of interesting times, it is time to say ADIOS!

What came as a surprise to me is that EP continues to work on the latest music video “Ajab Tamasha” without Fawad and Waqar. Seems lik

Fawad Khan Endorses Telenor TalkShawk

January 29, 2012

Well, well, well. Look who’s gotten hold and made use of a great opportunity – Telenor. The recent advertisement for Telenor TalkShawk shows Fawad Khan (yes, the recent heartthrob of the Pakistani women) as the ambassador for TalkShawk. Fawad Khan’s become quite a star due to his recent work in a couple of television serials, specially ‘Humsafar‘.

Fawad Afzal Khan is known as a renowned Pakistani actor, singer and a model. He started his acting career by working in a comedy serial ‘Jutt and Bond’ and found fame at quite an early age – 22 years. This was the time when Fawad Khan and his friend Ahmed Ali Butt (also his co-star in the serial) started their band, EP (Entity Paradigm) but it was in the year 2002 when the band had it’s first performance, live, at the Race Course Park Lahore. Even after forming the band, Khan continued acting in various serials such as ‘Dil Dey Kay Jayein Gey’ (2000), ‘Satrangi’ (2008), ‘Jeevan Ki Rahoon Mei’ (2009), ‘Daastaan‘ (2010), ‘Akbari Asghari’ (2010), and the most watched ‘Humsafar’ (2011).

Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week (Pictures)

December 22, 2011

Photography by Aaminah Haq, Aamna Isani, Faisal Farooqui @ Dragonfly and others

The final show of the last day at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week was by Umer Sayeed, who is often credited as amongst fashion’s design masters in Pakistan. His bridal showcase was opened and closed by actor, musician and model Fawad Khan and actress Mahira Khan Askari, also lead actors of much acclaimed drama serial “Humsafar”. Below are a few pictures from the fashion show: