LUX Style Awards 2012: Music Nominations

Nominations for the 11th LUX Style Awards were announced in Karachi this week. The Awards office of Pakistan’s most credible and coveted Awards released nominations in 26 categories in the genres of Film, Music, Television and Fashion.

The LSA Film Jury voted for Bol across all three categories. Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol was the sole film that made the grade and qualified as a bonafide entrant for an Award that is given out for excellence in cinema.

Call – Dhoom (Album Review)

January 29, 2011

By Mutee ur Rahman (

So after half a decade since their debut and a long 9 years since the revival of quality Popular music in Pakistan, Lahore’s Call are back with the their second album titled “Dhoom”.  The album was reportedly on Fire Records’ list of upcoming albums for a long time and finally sees the daylight at the beginning of 2011.

The distance between “Jilawatan” (Call’s first record) and “Dhoom” serves the band well as they opted to shift gears and swerve considerably away from their original sound. Where “Jilawatan” was a dark and melancholic album, “Dhoom” is an uplifting record. Not surprisingly, the initial reaction from listeners does not go in favor of the band.

“Jilawatan” scored a respectable fan base with hard, riff-based songs and grit filled performances that were perfect for listeners who wanted their Rock to be more “headbangable”.

Musicology: Introducing 2010, a ‘music’ odyssey

January 3, 2010


Madeeha Syed

Just when you thought it was all over, the music industry is abuzz with plans of album launches, collaborations, soundtracks, creative projects, the potential for solo projects by the likes of Rohail Hyatt and Co. In 2010, the music industry is slated to make a comeback with a vengeance

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan working on not one, but two albums!

The albums are slated for a late 2010 release but chances are that it could take till 2011 for his work to come out. One of the albums titled Koi Umeed will have four qawwalis, one of which – the title track – is a whopping 30 minutes long! It will contain poetry and bandish from Mirza Ghalib’s selected works. The selection of poetry and composition has been done by Mian Yousuf Salahuddin and those close to Rahat expect that this album will land him a place with the great maestros.

“Kya Hota” Releasing Under Call in Dhoom

September 7, 2009

The tentative album listing of the album “Dhoom” by Call is out. The album mostly consists of already released singles which were done for occasions and Bollywood movies. There are few unheard songs in the track listing though. “Kya Hota” is said to be part of the album listing. Kya Hota was originally released by Xulfi under eP. Even though the song was by Xulfi but I believe that eP should reserve the rights since it was released under it and song must not be used under Call’s Dhoom. What is your say? comments appreciated.

Xulfi’s Kya Hota, Fawad’s Kya Hota