The Sketches ft Gumby, Faraz Anwar & Jono – Main Sufi Hoon (Single Review)

December 1, 2012

By Hasan Faridi

It was the year 2003 when Saif and Naeem decided to step into the world of music to create a band named The Sketches that would bring people together through folk and Sufi music.

The Sketches released their debut album back in February 2010 by the name of “Dastkari”, and since then, they’ve come a long way these past two years (even having more than 70,000 fans on Facebook).

Sketches – Raat (Song / Video Review)

September 26, 2010

By Hani Arif

The vast desert, nomads, acquaintances made that never go further because they vanish in the sands, the colorful souls, people whose physical features and inner selves are sculpted with the winds that blow and the air that is breathed by them. This is Sindh.

All of the above is showcased in Sketches latest video release Raat (Moomal/Rano). From the beginning chords of the guitar and the flute to the individual solos that end with similar notes being played on them simultaneously, the song quite simply talks about longing and the ever present waiting period. Almost all Pakistani music usually has a lot of emphasis given to the vocalist where the voice has very strong presence in a song. Saif’s vocals are a bit different, as in this track they are more ambient and at a pitch more reserved for backing vocalists.

A Band Called ‘The Sketches’ (Interview)

September 21, 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

Tell a bit about your background – your education and childhood.

Saif: I was born in an educated family. Up to secondary education I did all, what a kid can do but onward I felt myself a little bit reserved since childhood then and always attracted towards nature. I was an average student. I did my graduation in English literature and masters in business administration.

Naeem: Born in a simple but educated family. Since childhood my family especially father supported me a lot. I was an average student and was closer to nature. I studied fine arts (sculpture) and learnt guitar too.

Sketches – “Dastkari” (KM Album Review)

March 6, 2010

By Hasan Faridi

It was the year 2003 when Saif and Naeem decided to step into the world of music to create a band which would touch hearts and rock the nation. The band Sketches was born. Later the band gave birth to their album Dastkari, delivering soft touches of lyrics and meaningful concepts, through a lot of Sufism. But being a touching and poetic art form, it basically adds to the album’s music.

The album’s cover is definitely an improvement compared to many Pakistani CD covers, so hats off to that.

Dastkari starts off with “Kaanton Ke Dewarain”, a soulful touchy song with the combination of vocals by Saif that reminiscence in your brain, and distorted riffs added by Naeem. Some parts make the song sound alien, including the skilled solo, but basically because this song is out of this world.

Sketches – Dastkari (Audio / Video)

SKETCHESArtist: Sketches
Song: Dastkari

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It was the year 2003 when Saif and Naeem decided to step into the world of Music keeping a firm believe in the power of the language of the Music and it’s soul.They started working on the band and named that inspired them was “SKETCHES” which is defined as an initial requirement to work on.
Both Saif and Naeem sketched their Music with excellence and after six years of dedication and hard working released their first video : dastkari the video of dastkari and bhool chukey has been on aired.
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