Shahana Khan Khalil Shares Her Coke Studio Experience

Shahana Khan Khalil - International Production Manager for Coke Studio Season 6

Shahana Khan Khalil - International Production Manager for Coke Studio Season 6

Coke Studio Season 6 is going to hit the airwaves very soon!

Here is a close insight into the Studio as I recently had the chance to interact with Shahana Khan Khalil who happens to be the International Production Manager for this season of Coke Studio playing a major role in the international ride of this mega project. Apart from that she has also been the Assistant BTS Producer and the Editorial Supervisor, all making her a very pivotal person in the upbringing of Season 6.

Red Bull Collective Art – A benchmark in digital art!

March 7, 2013

Walnut Media is proud to present a collaboration with Red Bull for their initiative for Red Bull Collective Art. Along with Adobe, Stoneage and FM89, this is Red Bull’s initiative to create a unique piece of art featuring the biggest digital canvas in the world!

Red Bull Collective Art allows contributors from Pakistan and worldwide the chance to create a unique piece of art.

In partnership with Adobe, Stoneage, Walnut Media and City FM89, Red Bull Collective Art takes the principle of ‘Cadavre exquís’ and brings it into the digital age. Within a period of two weeks, Red Bull Collective Art will allow contributors from Pakistan and across the world to participate in the creative process, the end product being an unparalleled piece of art on an international scale. Red Bull Coll

CityFM89 celebrates World Music Day across the country (Pictures)

On Friday, the 22nd of June 2012, CityFM89 celebrated World Music Day in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad simultaneously. 20 up and coming Pakistani bands performed in the three cities.

The Karachi event took place at Port Grand. Khalid Malik of The Breakfast Show on CityFM89 hosted the evening. The show started off with Hassan Hussain performing Pakistani pop classics and his original single “Rangeen Raat” Up next was 7 on 3rd, fronted by Gibran Nasir, who performed covers of popular songs such as Adele’s Rolling In The Deep and Vital Signs’ ‘Dil Dil Pakistan.’

Spoonful ft. Sara Haider – I Shot the Sheriff (Video)

Artists: Spoonful featuring Sara Haider

Song: I Shot the Sheriff

I Shot the Sheriff” is a song originally written by Bob Marley, told from the point of view of a man who admits to having killed the local sheriff, but claims to be falsely accused of having killed the deputy sheriff. He also claims to have acted in self defense when the sheriff tried to shoot him. The song was first released in 1973 on The Wailers’ album Burnin’.