The Sketches ft Gumby, Faraz Anwar & Jono – Main Sufi Hoon (Single Review)

December 1, 2012

By Hasan Faridi

It was the year 2003 when Saif and Naeem decided to step into the world of music to create a band named The Sketches that would bring people together through folk and Sufi music.

The Sketches released their debut album back in February 2010 by the name of “Dastkari”, and since then, they’ve come a long way these past two years (even having more than 70,000 fans on Facebook).

The Sketches ft Gumby, Faraz Anwar & Jono – Main Sufi Hoon (Download Audio)

November 30, 2012

THE SKETCHES – Main Sufi Hoon (Download Audio)

Artists: The Sketches featuring Gumby, Faraz Anwar and Jono Manson

Song: Main Sufi Hoon

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Take a listen to the song below:


Poetry: Sachal Sarmast – Bullah Shah – Bakshan
Co Producers: Faraz Anwar & Louis J. Pinto (Gumby) Karachi, Sindh
Master Mix: Jono Manson – Santa Fe New Mexico
Lead Solo Guitars: Faraz Anwar
Live Drums: Gumby
Rhythm Guitar: Read More

Salman Ahmad’s latest interview for Rolling Stone

August 5, 2010

Salman Ahmad (Junoon)’s Latest Interview for Rolling Stone

1. In the book, the recollection of your encounter with Gene Simmons (on Politically Incorrect) was quite appalling and unnerving. Did Simmons shake some of your belief in the spirit of rock n roll that day?

Gene Simmons’ surprise personal attack on TV showed me a sad glimpse of a raging rockstar trying to resemble a mad mullah. My post 9/11 appearance on Bill Maher’s “Politically incorrect” confirmed that the so called “clash of civilizations” is actually a clash of ignorance between Islam and the West.

Lyrics of Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 5 Realisation

August 1, 2010

Download All Audios and Videos of Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 5 ‘Realisation’

01. Tina SaniNawai Ney [ Download Audio | Download Video ]

Sunn kay ney kehti hai apni daastaan
Listen to the reed flute

Dard-e-hijran say hui hai noha-khwan
How it tells a tale complaining of separation

Kaat kar laye ney-sitaan say yahaan
Saying, “Ever since I was separated from the reed bed

Mard-o-zann meri nawa say khoonch-kaan
my lament has caused man and woman to moan

Jo bhi apni asal say hoga judaa
I want a bosom torn by severance