Ruckus – A Film by Usman Riaz (Video)

October 31, 2012

Ruckus is a 10 minute short film directed by musician Usman Riaz based on his musical piece of the same name from his album ‘Circus in the Sky‘.

Synopsis: A street urchin and his companion steal from an unsuspecting lady as she makes her way out of an abandoned train station. What ensues is nothing short of chaotic as the ‘Ruckus’ caused by these 2 thieves begins to affect everyone around them.

Omar Farooq – Beautiful (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Omar Farooq

Song: Beautiful

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Omar Farooq, previously known as ‘The Sunman‘, is releasing his first music video for a song called ‘Beautiful’. The song tries to highlight the reality that Pakistan is a wonderful place that has been largely neglected by its people. Amidst soothing organs, exciting bells and an upbeat melody, the song attempts to lift ones spirits and give them new hope, as life has to go on as normal.

Zoe Viccaji – Jis Nay Bhi Aana Hai, Aik Din Jaana Hai (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Zoe Viccaji featuring Imam Hamdani & Sikandar Mufti

Song: Jis Nay Bhi Aana Hai, Aik Din Jaana Hai

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You can download the mp3 from Zoe’s Facebook Page.

Song details: This is the first single of the upcoming Album (Zoe), of which 4 songs are in Urdu and 4 songs in English. We’re still eagerly awaiting a release date. Zoe said the following about this song,