Standard Chartered Priority Night in Lahore at Haveli Asif Jah (Review / Pictures)

“Standard Chartered Priority Night in Lahore at Haveli Asif Jah”
Arif Lohar mesmerizes all with his Chimta.. Ali Zafar shines through Shining stars

The Standard Chartered Priority Night which was a huge success in Karachi was replicated for the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore at Asif Jah Haveli few days ago. It was a night full of stars, both pop stars and folk stars, best of the best, all on one stage. These first time collaborations between pop and folk legends took place with a 22-piece orchestra from across Pakistan.

The young sufi sensation, Sanam Marvi started the magical night by enveloping the audience with her voice, a voice so big and skilled for her age it enchanted all. She was followed by the legendary Arif Lohar who made the crowd sway their heads to the lilt of his chimta.

Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Arif Lohar, Saeen Zahoor and Sanam Marvi to Perform Together

March 15, 2011

Have you ever wished to see Coke Studio sessions live at the set? or anything that’s just close enough? Well, now you can, sort of. Five of the featured artists from the Coke Studio sessions will be collaborating and performing together on a folk/classical musical night with a 22-piece orchestra from across Pakistan. Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Arif Lohar, Saieen Zahoor and Sanam Marvi will be soon playing at Standard Chartered Priority Night.

10 Tips For Pakistani Musicians

February 8, 2011

by Hasan Faridi

1. Promotion

In the music industry, if no one knows about you, you cease to exist. So promoting your music is essential for you to be heard.

Promoting through the Internet is the best method in Pakistan (See number 2)

If you’re lucky enough to land time on television, you can expect to be worthy of success. Coke Studio has showcased a variety of acts, which have gained countless downloads. Arif Lohar and Meesha have gained over 3 million Youtube hits. AAG TV is also a popular channel putting a variety of Pakistani acts in the limelight.